Woman Arrested For Pointing Gun At Boise Protests

For weeks, we’ve seen protests turn violent. While much of the violence has subsided–with some notable exceptions, to be sure–some people still view protests with suspicion.


That’s certainly understandable. We’ve seen way too much happen for it not to be. It also makes sense for people to take precautions in the event of a protest in their neck of the woods. That’s just smart.

What’s not smart is allegedly pulling a gun when it’s not warranted.

Several arrests were made at the Boise protests Tuesday night, which police say included one incident of a woman reportedly pointing a gun at a crowd.

Overall, the Boise Police Department said the protesters were peaceful and the chief thanked those who exercised their first amendment rights as such.

One of those included a woman reportedly pointing a firearm at people in a crowd. BPD says the investigation is being routed to the prosecutor’s office for a review of the charges.

“I find it a little disheartening that there are people either in this community or within driving distance of this community that would [do something like that],” said Lee.

Now, all we have is this little bit of a report. Assuming this information is accurate and more or less complete, this was dumb. Oh so very dumb.

Yes, the McCloskeys pointed guns at “protestors” and became heroes because of it, but things were quite a bit different. The mob in the McCloskey case weren’t minding their own business. They were already trespassing. Additionally, the McCloskeys say the first protestors issued threats against them and their home.

Now, it’s possible threats were issued and it just didn’t make the media. That’s entirely possible. This is a brief news report on a number of arrests made at the protest and law enforcement may not even really know the situation just yet, much less the media.


And that’s assuming the media would report the claims.

Look, I don’t blame anyone for having a gun on them if they have to be near a protest. As I’ve said before, that’s just a smart precaution considering what we’ve seen all over the country.

Pulling it and pointing it at protestors when you’re not being threatened–and I mean inarguably threatened–is a recipe for a bad time. I’m sorry, but I can’t feel a lot of pity as things stand right now.

Folks, with tensions as high as they are at the moment, it’s imperative that gun owners comport themselves in the best manner possible. We’re going to be vilified if we do anything, so if we do, we’d best make sure we’re completely above board to shield ourselves from the outrage mobs as best we can. Allegedly pointing guns at protestors? That ain’t how you do it.

Of course, as I noted, there may well be more to the story. I certainly hope there is and that this isn’t what is being presented to the public right now. We’ll have to wait and see if more comes out.

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