Armed "Protestor" Killed During Austin Protest

2020 has been a year for the ages and we’re not even close to finished with it yet. First, there was talk of World War III, then Australia burned, then we all had to be stuck inside because some dude in China supposedly ate the wrong bat, and then we have riots engulfing all of our major cities. All because of the (alleged) actions of a couple of cops in Minneapolis.


Apparently, police in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and everywhere else are responsible for what Minneapolis police do on a day to day basis.

Anyway, the protests have continued. Now, people on both sides are arming up and going to protests.

Sure enough, now someone is dead.

A Texas protester was shot dead Saturday night after a car drove into the crowd and the driver apparently opened fire on him, the Austin American-Statesman reports. Garrett Foster, 28, was approaching the stopped vehicle with other Black Lives Matter activists when he was killed. Foster was also armed—with an AK-47, per the New York Times—which witnesses said he had pointed at the ground. The driver sped away and may have been shot at by someone in the crowd. Police soon tracked down the vehicle and arrested the suspect, who is cooperating. “I mean if I used it against the cops, I’m dead,” Foster said of his gun before the shooting. “And I think all of the people that hate us and want to say [expletive] to us are too big of a p*ssies [sic] to stop and do anything about it.”

Well…that comment aged well, didn’t it?

As the story is presented, this is a bad situation and Foster shouldn’t have been shot. Someone was out of line and would definitely need to stand trial and be convicted of Foster’s death.


Except, it isn’t that simple.

The victim, identified by police on July 26 as 28-year-old Garrett Foster, was taken to Dell Seton Medical Center, where he later died. Police said the incident was a homicide.

In an update on July 26, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said reports indicated Foster was carrying a rifle when he approached the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect then shot out of their car at Foster, according to APD. Manley said that the person who shot Foster called 911 to report that someone had pointed a gun at his vehicle and that he fired at the person pointing the gun. That suspect was detained and cooperating with officers, police said Sunday morning.

The first person, according to Manley, to have fired a weapon in the incident appears to have been driver in the car. Manley said those shots came after the driver said Foster pointed weapon at him.

The fact that the driver was the first person to call 911 lends him a bit of credence in his claims. Sure, it’s not a slam dunk, but if he was trying to get away with murder, it’s unlikely he’d have called the police and said he just shot someone.

Additionally, there’s evidence that someone fired shots before the driver did. It doesn’t look like it was Foster, though, but ample reason for the driver to fear for his life.


Unfortunately for the driver, unless he has video backing up his story, he’s likely to get hammered regardless of whether Foster pointed a gun at him or not. After all, I don’t see the crowd siding with him regardless of the facts.

This comes just a day after several protestors were shot in Louisville, KY due to an armed leftist protester having a negligent discharge, injuring three of his fellow travelers. Apparently, the Not F-ing Around Coalition was f-ing around.

Regardless, while I defend the right of any law-abiding citizen to carry a gun in this country, let’s also admit that right now, things aren’t shaping up well for armed leftists based on this past weekend’s actions. If these are the first shots of the Boogaloo, then the other side is going to have a very bad time.

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