Seattle Pushes To "Abolish Prisons"

The move to defund law enforcement has been one of the dumbest pushes in American history. Even those who claim the term just means to repurpose funds so there’s less need for law enforcement–a goal that I could potentially get behind–fail to explain just how their plans will produce immediate results so we won’t need that law enforcement. And those are the more sane members of the movement. Others just want the outright anarchy we saw in the CHAZ before it was dismantled.


Now, though, it seems the woke of Seattle aren’t content with the regular stupidity of talking about defunding police. Oh no, now they want to take it a step further.

You would think after the insanity that was CHAZ/CHOP, Seattle might have taken a hard look at their relationship with law and order. You would be wrong.

Seattle is in King County, and the County Executive’s Office is moving ahead with plans to “abolish prisons.” A leaked email published by Christopher F. Rufo, contributing editor at City Journal, shows active plans to reduce both adult and juvenile detention and close the county jail in Seattle. The juvenile detention center would be converted to house other programs by 2025. According to Rufo, this plan will eliminate 60% of the county’s jail capacity.

Meanwhile, Seattle’s City Council has majority support—at least seven of the nine members—to slash the police department budget by 50%. Mayor Jenny Durkan has said she would veto this drastic cut, supporting Police Chief Carmen Best. Durkan has committed to cutting $76 million of the $400 million budget,” however. Oddly, the “Summer of Love” mayor may be the only bulwark against complete insanity.

Rolfe has posted more documents from the County Executive’s office. They appear to be for training or other meetings to discuss dismantling the criminal justice system. The woke county leaders would probably call it “reimagining” criminal justice. Others may call it managing a descent into chaos.


Now, not everyone who is arrested really needs to go to jail. I think that’s something we can all agree on.

However, the problem is that some people will only learn after they’ve spent some time on the inside. This is especially true of juveniles. After all, their records are sealed when they reach adulthood so they start with a clean slate. Many juvenile offenders clean up their acts and live productive lives, but how many wouldn’t if there hadn’t been significant repercussions for their actions?

Dismantling prisons sounds good to the average leftist, but the truth is that the ramifications of such an act may well be more horrific than defunding the police. We’ve seen numerous inmates released due to COVID-19 carry out horrendous crimes. Imagine what it would be like in there were no or minimal prisons for these people?

Honestly, the “woke” just get dumber and dumber as the days march on. And yet, they still get support from places like Seattle. No, I don’t understand it either, but this is how it goes.

Unfortunately, Seattle’s stupidity might well have an impact on others throughout the country as their failure to punish criminals may well allow those criminals to commit crimes elsewhere.


Not that Seattle officials give a damn. They’re too busy making sure they’re seen with the correct opinions to worry about stuff like that.

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