Saturday's Seattle Protest Served With Dose Of Irony The Media Ignored

Seattle, Washington isn’t getting nearly as much press these days. After all, with the end of the CHAZ, they’re just your typical leftist stronghold, not a raging pile of a trainwreck like Portland. However, the unrest is far from over in the Emerald City.


Saturday, leftists took to the streets again.

However, what the media reports is…interesting.

On Saturday many in Seattle anticipated a Portland-like clash between protesters and Trump’s newly arrived security forces, who were sent to town “on standby” allegedly to reinforce Federal Protective Services at a couple federal courthouses downtown.

But for now, at least, the grievances of Seattle protesters still lie mostly with Seattle’s police, which makes sense. Protest leaders said direct actions carried out in the last week were designed to “reignite” the dwindling protest crowds here, and flyers for Saturday’s event mentioned solidarity with Portland, but some also listed familiar, local demands: Defund the police and reinvest the money in Black communities, free all protesters, No New Youth Jail, and recall Mayor Jenny Durkan.

And so the demonstrations yesterday ended up looking more like a small-scale version of the June protests, with the Seattle Police Department responding to property damage and fireworks by throwing blast balls at protesters, indiscriminately pepper-spraying crowds, and unloading rounds of rubber bullets.

Yep. Just peaceful protestors going about their protest before the jackbooted thugs in law enforcement started unleashing hell on them.


No, there wasn’t any inkling of violence. No buildings were burned, vandalized, or anything of the sort, right?

Of course, if that’s true, then how did this happen:

Seattle radio host and Twitter-based criminal defense advocate Paul Gallant “dunked” on President Donald Trump last month by denying that the riots are violent, then the radio host was scored on by rioters who trashed his apartment. Now he’s taking up arms.

“Walked through it last night out of curiosity and saw no burning, pillaging, or deaths,” Gallant responded in June to Trump’s tweet calling out the violent leftists who continue to terrorize Seattle. “Chill dawg,” Gallant added sarcastically.

Last night, Gallant had a sudden change of heart towards the “peaceful protestors” when he came home to his apartment complex vandalized. He found the Starbucks underneath broken into with graffiti plastered on the storefront. Cops told residents to stay away in case of explosives inside.

Gallant is now considering buying a firearm for protection.

Now, it’s nice that the protest delivered a nice little dose of irony, to be sure. However, these are the same protestors the media continues to describe as “mostly peaceful.” Even if only 10 percent of these so-called protestors are violent, it wouldn’t matter. These are the same people who tried to categorize the Michigan lockdown protestors as violent despite them not raising a finger to hurt anyone. These are the same people who tried to call the Richmond Lobby Day protests violent despite not a single assault taking place.


Even if things like this are the result of a small number of protestors, it’s up to the rest of the crowd to either put a stop to it or leave. I make no judgment as to which a person should opt to do, but if you don’t do one or the other, you’re complicit.

Of course, the media won’t report it like that.

And yet, they wonder why so many of us distrust them on such a visceral level.

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