Nova Scotia Gunman Smuggled Guns Into Country

Nova Scotia Gunman Smuggled Guns Into Country

Following the mass shooting in Nova Scotia, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jumped on the chance to change gun laws in his country. He turned a whole lot of Canadians into potential criminals by banning so-called “assault weapons.” Owners have a grace period in which they can take steps lawfully to get rid of such weapons, of course, but the point remains that they’re out their property because of stuff they had nothing to do with.

At the heart of Trudeau’s actions was the international anti-gunners idea that everyone should pay for the sins of the individual, even if that individual didn’t have the guns legally…

…which the Nova Scotia killer didn’t.

What’s more, Trudeau’s gun ban wouldn’t have stopped him anyway.

The gunman in the Nova Scotia shooting that killed 22 people was alleged to have trafficked drugs and firearms from the United States, according to newly unsealed documents from Nova Scotia Provincial Court.

Following the shooting, one unidentified witness told police that they were aware that “[Gabriel Wortman] had smuggled guns and drugs from Maine for years and had a stockpile of guns,” the documents say.

The same witness, who first met the gunman in 2011, also told police that the gunman “builds fires and burns bodies, is a sexual predator, and supplies drugs in Portapique and Economy, Nova Scotia.”

The new allegations, which have not been tested in court, were made in search warrant applications that investigators filed following the shooting to collect evidence on the gunman’s properties in Portapique, N.S., and Dartmouth, N.S., as well as vehicles and electronic devices.

If these allegations are true, then just how in the hell would a gun ban in Canada stop this kind of thing?

The answer is that it wouldn’t. If he smuggled guns, he was going to get guns anyway. It should be noted that Canadian identification doesn’t work for lawful gun sales in the United States, so he didn’t buy them lawfully here. He then took them across the border and violated both American export laws and Canadian import laws.

Why, it’s almost like he didn’t give a damn about any laws up to and including murder laws.

Look, these vile creatures that carry out these mass shootings don’t actually care about being law-abiding citizens. They may try to look it, but they don’t care about anything except themselves. The idea that a new law will stop them is beyond ridiculous.

This is someone who illegally imported guns into the country that he used to slaughter innocent people, including one RCMP officer. Does anyone really think that such a person would be dissuaded by a gun ban?

Of course not. They do what they want regardless of the laws in place.

All Trudeau did was punish his countrymen who obey the laws on a daily basis and don’t hurt a soul.

Meanwhile, the next maniac looking to make a name for himself by gunning down folks will still gun them down. He won’t be dissuaded by anything Trudeau has done and everyone with even half a brain knows it.