CNN Blames Parties For COVID Upswing, Ignores Riots

CNN Blames Parties For COVID Upswing, Ignores Riots

COVID-19 is resurging throughout the nation. While deaths don’t seem to be going up at nearly the same pace, the illness infection rates themselves have increased significantly.


Unsurprisingly, people are asking why and the media, always eager to answer questions even if they don’t really know anything, are more than happy to step in. Sometimes, they’re stepping in means they’re stepping in it, though.

Kind of like how CNN did.

CNN published a report this week alleging that mass gatherings, including two parties, a concert, and an anti-lockdown demonstration, are fueling the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Notably absent from the article are mentions of the massive anti-police protests, including the Black Lives Matters demonstrations that daily and nightly fill the streets of major cities. Not even a word. How does one write an entire article about the dangers of mass gatherings without mentioning the largest mass gatherings in the country right now?

It is not an oversight.

“Large gatherings are fueling rising Covid-19 cases, but they keep happening,” reads the article’s headline.

With the coronavirus running rampant within American communities, health officials have made clear it’s not yet time to ease up on precautions,” its opening line states. “Instead, governors and experts from coast to coast have urged Americans to keep face masks in indoor public spaces, maintain their distance from others and avoid crowded spaces.”

It continues, noting that infections nationwide have surpassed 4.3 million and that the virus has killed roughly 150,000.

But “despite the grim numbers and stern warnings,” the article adds, “some Americans have chosen to return to pre-pandemic habits, ditching guidelines and attending parties.”


Meanwhile, there are large-scale protests/riots in places like Seattle and Portland–to say nothing of the massive numbers of protests/riots in other cities in recent months–where a large number of people aren’t wearing any kind of mask and social distancing is most definitely not happening. Further, the exertion of rioting increased expirations–the reason so many gyms remain closed even now–and yet there’s no mention of it.

Look, you can support the riots or you can act like everyone needs to stay locked in their homes indefinitely. You don’t get to do both here. You simply don’t.

Yes, people are ignoring the “grim numbers and stern warnings.” They’re ignoring them in part because it seems to only matter when convenient. Where were the condemnations over rioters standing just inches apart? Where were the stern warnings about any of that? There weren’t any such warnings.

In fact, we’ve had BS claims that the protests didn’t spread COVID at all. This despite the lack of any attempt to contact tracers specifically not asking about the protests.

I’m sorry, but it all sounds awfully convenient.


The truth is, protestors spread the disease just as much, if not more, than the parties being vilified. Especially since social distancing can and does happen at many of these parties.

CNN is really just trying to advance a narrative, yet again. If they’re going to ignore protests/riots as a potential vector for the spread of the disease even now, why should we take anything else they say seriously?

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