St. Louis Circuit Attorney Wins Primary After Charging McCloskeys

And yet, they’re being prosecuted anyway. Why?

Well, Missouri’s primary election returns tell us precisely why.

The prosecutor who charged a now-infamous St. Louis couple for pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters outside their mansion last month has won her primary election for a second term.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner — who President Trump accused of “extreme abuse of power” — triumphed over her challenger in the Democratic primary on Tuesday evening by a 61-39 margin.

Gardner said her victory was “about people who sent a message that they want reform in the city of St. Louis.”


Now, it seems clear the controversy didn’t hurt Gardner, but it wouldn’t. St. Louis is heavily Democratic, even if the rest of Missouri isn’t. That means her constituents are more likely to approve of this absolute nonsense than elsewhere.

In fact, they almost demanded it.

You see, Gardner can talk about reforms all she wants, but she’s just a marionette and the mob is the puppeteer. She’s just dancing at their command, and that includes prosecuted two innocent people who were in full compliance with the law. It means her office ordering people to tamper with evidence so they can try and get a conviction.

In most sane jurisdiction, Gardner would have been trounced over the actions of her office.

Meanwhile, the circuit attorney’s office–the equivalent to a district attorney’s office most other places–can’t seem to do anything to deal with the massive amount of violent crime in the city, crime that was prevalent even before COVID-19 locked us all indoors. Why, it looks from here like Gardner is completely incompetent at her job.

But, she signaled the right virtue and the mob applauded her for it.

She doesn’t care that she’s trying to destroy two innocent lives. She only cares that the mob loves her for it, and they do. Let’s be clear, the mob absolutely adores her for what she’s doing. That should be absolutely chilling, but it’s par for the course in most of our cities, I’m afraid.


At the end of the day, though, Gardner still has to win in court, and I don’t think she’s up to the task. The facts simply aren’t on her side in this one, not when you look at Missouri state law. As an attorney and a prosecutor, Gardner has to know there’s no chance in hell of getting a conviction. Then again, that court case isn’t likely to happen until after November’s election, so maybe she simply doesn’t care?

That, though, is the problem.

I maintain that she’s prosecuting the McCloskeys not because she believes they did anything wrong, but because she sees it as an opportunity to solidify her position with the mob.

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