NY AG's Previous Comments On NRA Betrays Her Motivations

NY AG's Previous Comments On NRA Betrays Her Motivations

To say the National Rifle Association is less than popular in liberal circles would be putting it far too mildly. The hate-on the left has for the nation’s oldest civil rights organization has been there for ages, but it’s grown over the last few years. In fact, it’s just gotten downright silly.


Take New York Attorney General Letitia James.

In case you missed it, she’s the attorney general who is trying to completely dissolve the NRA. Clearly, this isn’t surprising to anyone, of course. However, she’s basically acting as if she’s concerned about the best interests of the NRA’s members and donors. She’s not. In fact, her campaign comments about the group made that quite clear.

New York Attorney General Letitia James made news when she announced her lawsuit asking the courts to dismantle the National Rifle Association, but there’s nothing new about her views on the pro-Second Amendment group.

During her campaign to become New York’s top cop, she denounced the NRA as a “terrorist organization.”

The NRA fired back late Thursday with a countersuit of its own.

During an October 2018 interview, the incoming attorney general names some of the targets of her wrath: “President Donald Trump and the threat to our democracy and our values,” was one. “And the NRA holds [itself] out as a charitable organization, but in fact, [it] really [is] a terrorist organization.”

The article goes on to quote some guy about just what James’s motivations might actually be.


I don’t know, maybe you guys are familiar with him?

“In seeking to dissolve the NRA, James is targeting the very people she says are the victims of fraud and financial abuse: the NRA members,” says Cam Edwards, editor of BearingArms.com and host of “Cam and Company” on the now-defunct NRA.TV network. “In doing so I think she’s opened herself up to charges that this is ultimately a case motivated by politics rather than the public interest.”

(Point of order? Cam & Company is still around. It’s just moved to Townhall’s YouTube channel and is posted here at Bearing Arms. You should check it out.)

Anyway, Cam is absolutely right. In fact, I think those charges regarding her motivations are absolutely correct.

James called the NRA a terrorist organization, a popular charge among the far left. While I can accept not liking the NRA–there are people on this side of the debate that aren’t fans of the organization for various reasons–you don’t get to make up your own facts. If the NRA are terrorists, they really suck at terrorism.

I mean, they’ve coordinated no attacks, funded no acts of terrorism, had no members carry out acts of terrorism, nothing. Nothing at all.


All they’ve done is refuse to roll over and play dead on numerous legislative proposals that people like James would like to see become law. You know, those same legislative proposals opposed by the people James claims she’s looking out for with her effort to dissolve the NRA. Funny, that.

Of course, no one is buying that James has our best interests at heart. We all know that she’d just as soon see us all lined up against a wall and shot than protect our interests when it comes to gun rights. All of this is nothing but a pretext, it’s an excuse because she can’t find any other way to hit the organization.

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