BLM Ejected From Chicago Neighborhood

Black Lives Matter is supposed to be the new hotness when it comes to civil rights. The group often claims to speak for African-Americans throughout the nation. What’s more, the media seems ready to put a microphone in front of anyone who speaks for the organization.


Even if they say some stupid stuff.

However, it’s important to understand that Black Lives Matter represents only one portion of the black community. They’re vocal, sure, and they’re the focus of a lot of attention.

Despite that, it seems clear that in some sectors of the black community, they might not be that popular.

Englewood may set the tone for dealing with rioters for the rest of the summer. After the organized pillaging this weekend on the Magnificent Mile, the city of Chicago toughened up their security stance. Black Lives Matter protesters and others set their sights on the Englewood neighborhood’s police precinct, but residents there pushed them out — literally.

“Those people were opportunist[s],” one leader of the neighborhood pushback told reporters:

A protest Tuesday started over a Chicago police-involved shooting and ended when Englewood residents pushed back. Expletives were dropped, and there was pushing and shoving, which forced the protesters to retreat.

A caravan started on 64th and Cottage Grove, and the protesters eventually ended up in front of the 7th District police station, but it didn’t last long.

“If you ain’t from Englewood, get the F*** out of here,” longtime neighborhood resident Darryl Smith told protesters….

“A lot of people saying the looting started because of Englewood. We are tired of Englewood getting a black eye, those people were opportunist,” Smith said.

He says he’s not buying it and he and other Englewood residents had wanted the protesters from Black Lives Matter Chicago, Good Kids Mad City and other groups to leave.


As Ed Morrissey wrote over at Hot Air, this should probably make is feel a little conflicted. After all, there was no violence to respond to, so the physical pushing is probably unwarranted.

However, this is the same Black Lives Matter group that tried to justify looting over the weekend by claiming it was reparations. They justified smash and grab robbery by saying it was payback for something that happened more than a century and a half ago.

I can understand why people were a little ticked.

While much of the media will still treat Black Lives Matter as if they’re the holy word on the black community, it’s good to remember that not everyone within that community particularly cares for the organization. I can’t say that I blame them, to be sure.

The truth is, no one wants to be associated with what happened on the Magnificent Mile. Behavior like that doesn’t improve the lot of African-Americans in Chicago who are struggling to get ahead. It paints them all as thugs, which isn’t even close to an accurate assessment. Black Lives Matter stepping in to defend those actions doesn’t benefit anyone.

If anything, it feeds into white supremacy as the actual racists will nod knowingly and make some statement about how “those people” can’t help themselves but to wreck things.


We all know better. Too many of us have seen the truth, that all ethnicities are capable of great and terrible things. What happened in Chicago was a human failing, not evidence of some idiotic racist theory being true.

What is true is that what happened in Chicago wasn’t inevitable. It was opportunistic and nothing more. It seems the residents of Englewood see that as well, and they’re making it clear they want nothing to do with those who would not just perpetrate such an act but also those who would try to rationalize it.

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