Shreveport Anti-Violence Rally Ends In Irony

It seems that pretty much every city in this country is dealing with an increase in violence. Unsurprisingly, people want to do something to try and address the problem.

For lawmakers, that means trying to talk about legislation. Unfortunately, all too often, that means gun control legislation.

However, for many activists, it means they need to do something so they can feel proactive. That’s likely what led to a Stop the Violence rally in Shreveport, Louisiana that took place over the weekend.

What ended it, however, was a serious case of irony.

A Mooretown event aimed to stop the violence ends abruptly after a series of shots nearby.

Ronald Collins was videoing the event for the Shreveport Sun. While in the middle of an interview, gunfire rang out.

Moments after the first series of shots rang out, Kenneth Thompson, a minister who spoke at the event used the opportunity to explain why the rally was being held in the first place.

“That’s what I am talking about right there. This is what I am talking about… Why we are out here to stop the violence, already we got three, four, or five shots that went off and we don’t know how many people have been hit.”

No one at the scene appeared injured, although a 74-year-old resident fell to the ground trying to run as the sounds of gunfire rang out.

Please understand, I’m not making light of what happened. Calling it irony is simply an observation based on the facts involved, not a joke. “Irony” isn’t always humorous, and a shooting isn’t funny.

However, I do think it highlights just how little these rallies actually accomplish.

Look, I don’t have any moral objections to them on principle. What I have an issue with is the ridiculousness of the idea that such a rally actually does anything at all. I mean, how many people watch the news and see a rally and think, “Oh, well, all these people are against violence so maybe I should stop shooting people”?


Instead, what we see is a bunch of well-meaning people who are trying to address a problem but aren’t looking at the problem rationally.

It’s a salve on their soul, a way to feel that they’re doing something without having to do anything of substance. It’s a way to show the world they oppose what every decent person already opposes. It’s a virtue signal.

If such a thing would actually accomplish anything, you’d think there wouldn’t be gunshots at such a rally. If the rally would actually change hearts and minds, it should start with the people who are physically there. The fact that at least one decided to open fire really kind of says it all, now doesn’t it?

So far, there don’t appear to have been any arrests regarding the violence, which is a shame. While I think these events are pointless, I don’t like people who would take a shot at folks trying to do what they believe to be a good thing, especially when they’re not trying to hurt anyone else. Even if they’re misguided, they don’t deserve to be shot at.