UN Condemns U.S. For Gun Violence, Jacob Blake Shooting

In theory, the United Nations exists solely to prevent another world war. While it lasted longer than the last attempt at such a thing–the League of Nations–it hasn’t really stopped many wars so far as I can tell.


Instead, the UN spends a fair bit of its time giving jumped up dictatorships the supposed authority to band together and criticize the United States for stuff that’s really none of their business.

The latest example? They UN Human Rights Office has condemned the U.S. over the Jacob Blake shooting and ongoing gun violence in our cities.

Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Rupert Colville said Friday that video footage of Jacob Blake being shot by police in the US suggested excessive force and a subsequent Wisconsin shooting demonstrated a need for stricter gun control.

Kenosha, Wisconsin, has witnessed multiple days of unrest after Blake, a black man, was shot August 23 seven times in the back by a police officer while three of his children watched. He is likely paralyzed from the waist down for life. On the night of August 27, someone opened fire on protesters demonstrating against Blake’s shooting and shot three of them, killing two. An Illinois teenager is currently in custody as a suspect in that shooting.

Oh, there was so much to talk about on this.

First, the United Nations is the same entity that elected Libya and Venezuela to the Human Rights Council. I’m not particularly interested in their version of human rights.

Especially since they’re trying to pressure the United States to infringe on human rights by enacting gun control.

As for Jacob Blake, let’s take a look at what we’ve seen and heard. Jacob Blake is an accused rapist who violated a restraining order filed by his alleged victim. He reportedly violated that order. When confronted by police, he waved around a knife and reportedly claimed there was a firearm in the vehicle. The police tried to subdue him multiple times, including using less lethal options, only for him to eventually reach into the same vehicle that supposedly contained a firearm.


The officers present fired multiple times in an effort to end the threat.

Frankly, they could have shot him when he just had the knife and been perfectly justified. They instead worked toward trying to resolve it before resorting to lethal force.

From my perspective, they looked pretty well restrained. For some self-important bureaucrat to call their actions a human rights violation is downright offensive.

Especially coming from the same United Nations that has a bit of a rape problem. I mean, while it’s certainly possible that my assessment of the officers’ encounter with Jacob Blake is wrong, it’s a known problem that UN peacekeepers have an issue with apparently not raping children. Frankly, I know which I prefer existing in my country.

I would say that my days of not taking the UN serious are coming to a middle, but that’s not true. My days of not taking them seriously aren’t even remotely that close to ending.

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