One In Nine Democrats Among New Gun Buyers

One In Nine Democrats Among New Gun Buyers

There are a lot of signals for how gun control isn’t the winning issue for Democrats like they thought it would be when the campaigns first kicked off. While I was convinced it wasn’t the winner they believed back then, a lot has changed since the early parts of the campaign. Back then, people were more worried about rare events like mass shootings. Today, they’re worried about massive riots or other civil unrest that have been happening daily for months now.

Yet an interesting factoid crossed my feed recently, and that’s the result of a survey that found one in nine Democrats have purchased a firearm in recent months.

More than one in nine registered Democrats recently bought a firearm, according to a late-August Epoch Times Big Data Poll.
Nearly 12 percent of Democrats bought a gun in the past three months and almost 19 percent of Republicans did so, the poll showed.
The trend was particularly strong in the 18-29 age group (over 22 percent), black people (21 percent), union members (nearly 32 percent), urbanites (over 19 percent), and those earning over $200,000 (19 percent).
Meanwhile, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden calls for some two dozen gun-control measures, including a ban on sales and manufacturing of military-style sporting rifles, such as the AR-15. He also wants universal background checks for nearly all gun transfers and the repeal of a law that shields gun makers from liability for lawful gun sales. He would prohibit online gun sales and supports state “red flag” laws and gun-licensing regimes.

This is…interesting.

See, this survey only asked about the last three months, but how many of the remaining eight in nine bought guns prior to three months ago. After all, gun stores in California particularly have reported people buying guns only to be dismayed at the gun control measures they admit they voted for. As such, there’s reason to believe a fair number bought guns four to six months ago as well.

If the Democratic Party starts to recognize the number of gun owners in its ranks, how will that shape their decisions on how to address guns? I doubt they’ll ever become pro-gun by any stretch, but it may soften a lot of their efforts.

Hell, it might direct them to focus on armed criminals more than law-abiding citizens for a change. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, mind you, but still…

Then again, many in the Democratic Party don’t seem to understand that even some of their base support gun rights. I know some on the right don’t understand how someone can be a Democrat and be pro-gun, but regardless of how it happens, let’s just accept that it does and hope their numbers grow enough that it’ll force the party to tone down their hatred of the Second Amendment.

There’s no guarantee that’ll happen, but if Democrats continue pushing anti-gun measures that piss of large portions of their base, they’ll start to see results at the polls. That’s something Democrats are known to listen to, after all.

With all that said, this is the Epoch Times with their own polling. I honestly have no idea just how unbaised their polling was, so it’s possible that the questions asked were leading somehow, but I don’t really see how that would make an impact. Either you bought a gun or you didn’t, right? Still, I’m trying to be fair here.

Regardless, it’s an interesting data point and it should be interesting to see how this information changes how Democrats approach things moving forward, if at all.