What U.S. Can Learn From Australian Failure

Many gun control proponents like to look to Australia as somehow the template we should follow regarding guns. Nevermind that Australia doesn’t have a version of the Second Amendment or anything. Nope. That just doesn’t play a factor in their minds.


However, let’s also be realistic here. While proponents of such a scheme seem to think it’ll work just dandy, they tend to gloss over the failures. You know, failures like this one:

A man who murdered his two teenage children was able to legally buy guns despite a decades-long history of domestic violence, an inquest has heard.
John Edwards shot his 15-year-old son Jack and 13-year-old daughter Jennifer at their home in West Pennant Hills in north-west Sydney in 2018.
An inquest into their deaths will examine how Edwards, 67, was allowed a permit which saw him obtain five weapons.
One of these was the glock semi-automatic he killed his children with. Another was the revolver he used to take his own life the next day.
The inquest heard the Firearms Registry ran a check on Edwards in 2017, and it should have seen a number of police reports and AVOs against his name.

Now, this is just a disturbing case from the start. However, it also illustrates the flaws in the system. Despite all the strict gun control, a horrible person was able to obtain multiple firearms.

Meanwhile, potential victims would have to jump through seemingly endless hoops in order to get a gun, which may end up being too late if someone like this is after them.

See, the problem with gun control isn’t that bad people will still get guns. Not in and of itself.

No, the problem is that those same laws restrict the good people. It keeps them from getting guns, guns that could be used to protect their own lives or the life of another. They’re the ones who need guns, yet these laws make it more and more difficult for these folks to get them.


You can trust a person like that with a rocket launcher and they won’t hurt a living soul.

Meanwhile, piece of filth like this can just as easily beat people to death with a freaking rock. The criminals will always find weapons. Laws, however, only make it more difficult for the good and decent people of this world to protect themselves.

After all, it’s clear the Australian government was unable to protect these two teens. They had so much of their life ahead of them. They likely trusted the system to keep them safe, even, only to see just how screwed up and unreliable such licensing schemes actually can be.

Bad people will always find a way to do bad things. At the end of the day, you have to decide if you’re going to keep tilting and windmills or whether you want to empower the good and decent folks to be able to stand up and protect themselves. Australia long ago decided to waste time and effort toward a losing proposition.

There’s no reason we have to follow their insanity.

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