Missouri Governor Race Heating Up, Guns An Issue

The state of Missouri is a pretty pro-gun place. They weren’t always, of course, but in recent years they’ve opened up a lot. Unfortunately, that’s coincided with an increase in violence in Saint Louis, which has made many question the wisdom of doing so.


Possibly as a result, the Missouri governor’s race appears to be heating up. Despite the state leaning solidly for President Trump, there’s some suggestion that Democrat Nicole Galloway is making some headway.

And that’s bad news for pro-gun advocates in Missouri.

In the same interview, Parson further said he would most likely pardon Mark and Patricia McCloskey if they face criminal charges. The St. Louis couple made headlines after they were caught on video pointing guns at protesters marching outside their home in a gated community shared with the city’s mayor.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch cited Parson’s record as one of emphasizing on improving education and infrastructure. He is someone who typically stays away from vocal partisan attacks, the paper said.

Galloway is framing herself as a “Missouri Democrat” with a focus on good government. She has advocated for “commonsense” gun control reforms, including enhanced background checks and permits.

The problem for Galloway is that there’s nothing “common sense” about additional background checks and permits. Oh, some like to pretend they are, but only if you know a small part of the overall picture.

The truth of the matter is that the criminals aren’t going to be impacted by any of these laws. Only a fool would believe they are.

No, the only people hit by this are the law-abiding citizens who represent zero threat to anyone other than the criminals who would seek to prey on them.

See, Missouri had a licensing requirement before. While some see the increase in violence after it was repealed as evidence that it worked, nothing is quite that straightforward. Violence is ugly and complicated. No single law creates that kind of an impact. There are a myriad of factors that contributed to that violence.


But in the meantime, law-abiding citizens were delayed in being able to exercise their Second Amendment rights because they had to approach the government with hat in hand and ask, “Mother may I?”

Meanwhile, criminals were still obtaining guns. In fact, there’s absolutely no evidence that criminals are obtaining guns at a higher rate. They’re simply using them more now than they had in the past. That suggests a deeper problem, one that lawmakers would do well to look into.

But for people like Galloway, it’s never about that. It’s about trying to sell people on the idea that they’ll make her safer.

No, she won’t. She’ll be a disaster for Missouri gun owners and anyone who looks at this critically can see it as plain as day. Whatever issues one may have with Gov. Parson, at least he’s willing to stand for people’s rights to keep and bear arms, unlike his opponent.

While much of the attention we see right now is directed toward presidential politics, let’s not forget these vital state races.

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