Arrests Follow Outrage Over Breonna Taylor Decision

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people are less than pleased with the grand jury findings on the Breonna Taylor case. See, they had their minds made up and no finding of the grand jury would be seen as anything except a coverup unless all officers involved were scheduled to be strung up in the public square.


Since that didn’t happen, well…we all knew what was next.

Now, numerous arrests have taken place as protests got out of hand.

At least 46 people were arrested Wednesday during protests in Louisville after a Kentucky grand jury’s decision to indict one of three police officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor, according to authorities.

Thirteen people were arrested in the Highlands, an area known for its nightlife and dining after officers intervened with a march earlier in the day, Louisville Metro Police said. The group briefly clashed with officers in riot gear who blocked the path of protesters as they marched on one of the city’s main roads.

Officers would take action after protesters flipped over tables and chairs at a local restaurant, and damaged other businesses in the area, according to Louisville FOX station WDRB-TV.

I guess this qualifies as “mostly peaceful” these days.

Protests would later escalate in the downtown area after an unlawful assembly was declared around 6 p.m., near Jefferson Square Park. Police ordered protesters to disperse from the area and 16 people were arrested during that incident, authorities said. Jefferson Square had been at the center of protests in the city, with police firing flash bangs and forming a line at one point.

Demonstrators would later set fires in trash bins in the park outside the Hall of Justice on Sixth Street between 7 and 8 p.m., according to the station. Many protesters would leave around 8 p.m., before marching in the downtown area.


Honestly, that’s more subdued than I would have thought.

Yet it wasn’t nearly as peaceful as presented by Fox News, apparently.

CNN notes that two officers were shot in Louisville during the unrest.

Louisville isn’t the only place to see protests as they took place all over the United States. Frankly, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me since local authorities have no say in what happens in Louisville and I doubt Louisville authorities care what people elsewhere think, but whatever.

Still, there were protests in D.C., Chicago, and New York, as well as other places as a public primed for outrage already lashed out.

In Denver, police arrested someone for allegedly plowing their vehicle into a Breonna Taylor protest in that city.

Videos posted on social media showed protesters surrounding the unidentified driver’s vehicle, some pressing on the hood to block its path when the car accelerated through the crowd and knocked at least one person to the side of the road.

Denver police reported no injuries stemming from the incident. Others avoided the vehicle’s path and some were seen chasing after the vehicle.

“I was kind of going up on the hood and I was like, ‘No, I’m not doing this,’ and I rolled over to the side,” a woman who identified herself as Kate told the Denver Post. “He wasn’t gonna stop even though I was, like, on his hood.”


Honestly, considering what some have seen from “protests” earlier this year, it’s not surprising that someone would refuse to stop when surrounded by “protesters.”

Oh, this might have been a completely legal protest and even a peaceful one, but if you’re milling about in your car and you end up surrounded like that, I can see why someone would step on the gas instead of sitting there waiting and hoping they don’t start busting in windows to drag them out to be beaten.

Regardless, this was just the first night of unrest. Will there be a second, or has the country burned most of its anger out already after George Floyd and Jacob Blake?

What we didn’t see, apparently, were widespread riots like we did in those earlier cases. While these protests my have been less than peaceful, they’re still not what we saw earlier this year, so time will tell whether there’s more or not.

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