Louisiana AG To Address Student Suspended Over BB Gun

If a student takes a BB gun to school, we all know what is going to happen.  The student will be suspended. More than that, though, almost no one will get bent out of shape over it. Sure, gun rights are gun rights, but schools have typically forbidden things like BB guns that can be used to hurt someone else from their campuses.


However, in a lot of places, students aren’t on campus. They’re engaged in “distance learning,” which really just means they’re watching teachers on their computers from the comfort of their own homes.

The problem is that teachers are acting like all the same rule should apply, even the ones regarding things like toy or BB guns.  Young Ka’Mauri Harrison was suspended for just such a situation.

Now, the Louisiana state attorney general is on the case.

In a letter to the Louisiana Department of Education and the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, AG Landry notes that the law clearly grants parents and their child a right to appeal to the School Board and to seek judicial review of a decision by the Superintendent when the child has been recommended for expulsion. By systemically violating students’ constitutional rights, AG Landry declares, school systems’ eligibility for state and federal funds are jeopardized

“Legal action can often be a lengthy process, but I am committed to seeing this through no matter how long it takes,” said AG Landry. “Today’s letter is just the next of many steps my office and I are taking to seek justice for Ka’Mauri and his family.”

”Ka’Mauri is a bright young man with a great family; and the fact that he was recommended for expulsion, received a suspension, and not given his right to appeal is appalling,” added AG Landry. “Ka’Mauri was not only deprived of educational instruction, he was also denied opportunity.”


This is a good development, to say the least.

Young Mr. Harrison shouldn’t have gone through this in the least, but to have absolutely no ability to appeal is especially troubling.

I get that schools are trying to figure some of this out as they go, but you cannot expect the same rules to apply. You put children in an environment with all their favorite distractions and they’re going to be distracted, especially if teachers are still droning on like many of them did when I was in school. They’re going to grab toys or whatnot, and for some, those are going to be toy guns or BB guns.

Sure, discipline matters. I get that. However, you can’t treat it like Ka’Mauri took the blasted thing to school and started pointing it at people. That’s beyond ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the school is probably thinking they were really lenient by not expelling the boy.

I’m glad the attorney general is involved and my hope is that justice actually prevails. No one should have to go through this kind of nonsense. Maybe this can put an end to it once and for all.

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