Outrage Over YouTuber Illustrates Unhinged Anti-Gun Narrative

YouTube can be an interesting place. Even with the idiotic gun restrictions in place regarding their content, you can still learn a ton of stuff there. Maybe not about gun stuff, but just about anything else you want to learn.


Want to learn about losing weight? There are genuine experts there ready to help.

Want to learn martial arts? There’s information there that can help you.

Fascinated about a period of history? Say no more because there are channels for you.

Yet there’s also a serious amount of dysfunction that’s on display on YouTube, particularly in the comments section. It’s also a microcosm of the insanity that has gripped our nation.

Take the story of a YouTuber who disassembles old electronics and what happened with him.

David Murray, known as “the 8-Bit Guy” on his popular YouTube channel where he restores and explores retro technology, usually makes lighthearted, non-controversial videos about things like old-school chiptune music and MS-DOS games.

But Murray—in the view of vintage computer enthusiasts—rushed a recent repair and damaged a rare computer. In part because of this “computer abuse,” some of Murray’s viewers have delved deep into political beliefs he espoused in the early days of his YouTube career and essentially milkshake ducked him for it.

What horrid political beliefs did Murray espouse? Was he a white nationalist? Did he support the banning of kittens?


Nope, worse. He apparently backed gun rights.

The response to that video has started a conversation about his past videos touting open carry in Texas, antagonizing the anti-gun Moms Demand Action nonprofit, and statements about gun control that have made many fans question whether they can keep watching his computer content.

The relative messiness of these videos has led to more than just angry viewers. Some of those viewers have delved into Murray’s archive to resurface old videos where Murray praises open carry gun laws in his home state of Texas—including one where he walks around in a store with a rifle on his back, addressing gun control Moms Demand Action, an anti-gun violence organization, which he said was running a “smear campaign” against a gun rights group he left years ago.

Now, let’s understand that Murray hasn’t hidden his beliefs, they just don’t have any place on his channel.

Meanwhile, people still have gone and dug up his history to try and vilify him as some kind of a monster, and for what? They didn’t like what he did with an old computer that, so far as I can tell, he bought with his own money?

Do you want to know why we’re so divided as a nation and that’s not going to change anytime soon? It’s because you can’t have a life separate from your politics. Your political beliefs have to become your entire being, and as such, if someone finds out you hold the wrong opinions, that’s just too much and they can’t support you.


At the same time, they won’t allow people to keep their beliefs private. They’ll hound celebrities or influencers until they can learn about their political beliefs, all the while knowing that unless they’re the right beliefs, the mob will come.

Murray is just the latest example of what’s going on in our nation, that you cannot escape your past or your beliefs and unless you agree with the mob, you will be destroyed.

What the mob doesn’t realize is that two can play that game and, more importantly, two will play that game. They just won’t like being on the receiving end.

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