Another NFAC March, Another Negligent Discharge

Another NFAC March, Another Negligent Discharge

With a name like the Not F***ing Around Coalition, you’d kind of expect the NFAC to, you know, not f-around. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not when it comes to firearms.

See, I don’t have a problem with a group of people who claim the world is out to get them having guns. In fact, if you believe that you’re in danger, regardless of who you think is the threat, you should probably purchase a firearm.

Yet the problem is that when you make a think about how you’re not screwing around, you should probably make sure your members and those who are marching with you know how to not screw around with a firearm.

A protest organized by a Black paramilitary group and attended by several community groups ended peacefully Saturday in Lafayette, Louisiana, despite the arrest of one person who police say accidentally fired a weapon at the event.

A leader of the NFAC — the Not F—ing Around Coalition — said the person who accidentally discharged the firearm was not part of their group.

Now, I get the NFAC would argue that it’s not one of their members. However, it’s not the first time the NFAC has had a negligent discharge at one of their events. A while back, three of their number was shot after a negligent discharge.

It’s starting to look like a pattern with these guys.

And before someone tries to make it a racial thing–either attacking the NFAC’s race or claiming I’m a racist for pointing out their issues–it should be noted that there were other events over the weekend that didn’t have any problems.

For example, a march in Davenport, Iowa went off without a hitch or a negligent discharge. That event was, at least in part, to protest against police judging armed black men and women as a threat while not treating armed white people the same way.

A group in Harford, Connecticut marched for black gun ownership over the weekend as well. That march, also, went off without any kind of an issue.

These are two other majority black groups of armed citizens who took to American streets over the same weekend without any issue. No, it’s not a problem with black gun owners by any stretch of the imagination. Frankly, I believe that if African-American citizens feel the police are a threat, they would do well to arm themselves and prepare to defend their own life if need be. I also pray they never have to, much as I pray that I never have to.

But the NFAC seems to have a problem with proper firearms handling at their events. I get that they claim the individual in question wasn’t part of their group, let’s also admit that after the second such incident at one of their events, they’d be foolish to claim otherwise. Maybe they’re right or maybe they’re covering their butts. It doesn’t matter, though, because it’s still on the NFAC.

For a group that says they’re not f-ing around, they sure do have a problem with people at their events f-ing around, don’t they?