NY Times Columnist Wants UN Intervention, But The Result?

Most of the people who write for the New York Times tend to live in little bubbles. They don’t understand what people outside of that bubble think or believe. In their world, progressive politics hold sway and pretty much no one values things much of the rest of the nation holds dear.


After all, look at the gun control laws that have held on there for over a century at this point and no one seems inclined to challenge them.

Yet because of living in that bubble, they don’t seem to get the distrust many in this country have for the United Nations. That’s clear, because if they did, they wouldn’t float boneheaded proposals like this.

The rightful president of Belarus, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, appeared via video last month before the United Nations Human Rights Council. Her country’s August election, she declared, had been “stolen.”

Despite objections from a representative of the Belarusian government, who said she had no right to address the body, Ms. Tikhanovskaya implored the United Nations to act. “Standing up for democratic principles and human rights is not interfering in internal affairs,” she insisted, “it is a universal question of human dignity.”

No one knows how Donald Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis will affect his presidential campaign, but before falling ill, he repeatedly suggested that he won’t accept the results of the election, should he lose. In that case, Joe Biden should follow Ms. Tikhanovskaya’s example and appeal to the world for help.

The writer, Peter Beinart, clearly doesn’t understand much of anything outside the bubble he lives in.

First, let’s understand where President Trump’s concerns come from. These aren’t the empty ramblings born of someone who is sure they’re going to lose.


After all, how many times have we seen boxes of “found” ballots that completely shift an election? When that happens, it almost invariably swings over to the Democratic candidate. The laws of probability would have made so at least one switched to the GOP candidate, but that never seems to happen. It’s also a win for the Democrats.

Further, let’s not forget a number of military absentee ballots found discarded in Pennsylvania. It seems all were Trump ballots. While they were small in number, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more we haven’t learned of. Of course, it could also be an isolated case, but when taken in conjunction with the fact that “found” ballots tend to go Democrat, there’s reason to be skeptical.

Earlier this year, there was a massive push for mail-in ballots. This is problematic, though, because anything other than in-person voting is perfect for election fraud. I have three registered voters in a house. Two aren’t sure they’re even going to vote. The third decides to fill out their ballots and mail them in for them. That someone just got three votes.

Do that enough times, and you shift an election.

So no, Trump isn’t just preparing the ground for sour grapes.

However, let’s also understand something. For many in the gun community, there are pretty much two tripwires to civil war. One is attempted gun confiscation. The other is United Nation involvement in American affairs.


The only way to dislodge a president would be with blue-helmet military force, and that’s going to be a problem. Much of the United States military would actively fight, but so would a great deal of the American people. The United Nations would have a hard fight on their hands. Even if they could overpower the military (and that, in my opinion, is a big if), they’d then have a long insurgency ahead of them. After almost 20 years fighting insurgents, we have a lot of people who understand insurgency.

While the New York Times crowd may well believe that the United Nations can swoop in and save the day, it’s because they don’t understand just how little the rest of the nation actually wants them on our shores at all. There are quite a few of us who would love to see the UN building dropped into the middle of the Atlantic, after all.

As a result, they think the UN can save us from ourselves, but the reality is that such a move will spark the kind of fight the world isn’t remotely ready for.

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