McCloskey Charges Really About Appealing To The Mob

Mark and Patricia McCloskey became famous for simply not wanting their house to be burned down.

A mob had already destroyed private property–a gate–and were trespassing on a private street. They reportedly threatened to destroy the McCloskeys’ home. As a result, they couple got firearms to scare off the mob.


Now, as reported on Tuesday, they’re being prosecuted.

This isn’t about justice. It’s not about a prosecutor seeing someone commit a crime and trying to make it right for society. Oh no, this is something more. This is about a prosecutor trying to appeal to the mob and little else.

As I noted a while back, there’s been a push to prosecute anyone who dared to stand up to the mob. From Kyle Rittenhouse to the late Jake Gardner, prosecutors have been bound and determined to punish anyone who stands up to the mob. Now, the McCloskeys are being prosecuted same as the other two.

The reason is that they hope the mob won’t come for them.

Let’s remember that the mob that showed up on the McCloskeys’ doorstep was actually looking for the mayor of Saint Louis’ home. All over the nation, the mob has been calling for the proverbial heads of any and all politicians, regardless of their status as Democrats. Prosecutors, who are elected, recognize that the mob could just as easily come for them, so they want to play the part of the ally.


So, they prosecute law-abiding citizens who are trying to defend their home.

That’s especially true in the case of the McCloskeys. After all, why else press charges when you, as a prosecutor, have already engaged in activities that should get the case thrown out of course? After all, evidence tampering is a crime. Even the detective in charge of the case apparently didn’t want to sign documents to charge the couple.

Only a fool would believe that this isn’t going to make things harder for the prosecution, but it’s not really about a successful prosecution. Not really. The real hope is that the couple will accept a guilty verdict for a lesser charge to avoid the risk. Unfortunately for the prosecutors, the McCloskeys are attorneys and likely know they’re going to walk due to the shenanigans.

But then the prosecutors can just claim to the mob that they tried, but the system is rigged and if they get reelected, they’ll make it a point to unrig the same system they’ve been working in and benefitting from for years.


However, understand one very important thing. If you’re forced to defend your life or home from the mob, there will be those who will call for your blood. They’ll want to see you impaled in the city square so they can mock you as you slowly die before their very eyes. It’s not about right or wrong anymore. If it was, Jake Gardner wouldn’t have been hounded until he took his own life. Kyle Rittenhouse would be worrying about things like school and getting dates and not whether or not he’ll spend time in prison.

For the mob, it’s never enough and those who seek to curry the mob’s favor will stop at nothing to destroy you on their behalf.

Remember that.

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