The Outright Stupidity Of "Wolverine Watchmen"

The Outright Stupidity Of "Wolverine Watchmen"

Let me start this by saying that I actually have no issues with private militias.

To be sure, there are those who would destroy me just for saying that, but the truth is that I don’t. The idea of militias goes back beyond the founding of this great nation. While militias should probably answer to the governor of their state, the truth is that sometimes the governor is as much an enemy of the people as any foreign power, so independent militias make sense.


But as we learned again yesterday, sometimes they cross some major lines that anyone with half a brain know they shouldn’t be crossing.

See, as Cam noted yesterday:

It’s worth noting that while these self-proclaimed patriots were allegedly plotting to overthrow the state government in Michigan over Whitmer’s COVID-19 executive orders, a lawsuit challenging those same orders was making its way through the court system, and the state’s Supreme Court declared her mask mandate unconstitutional just a few days ago. It may very well be that one day the United States will have to face the real question of living under tyranny or fighting against it, but we certainly haven’t reached that point yet, and there are plenty of legal means to address unconstitutional power grabs without trying to kidnap politicians or kick off a civil war, starting with voting in November.

He is, of course, dead on correct.

I fear we’re fast approaching the point in the history books where we start seeing maps with the different colored arrows, but we’re not there yet. More importantly, though, is that if we get there, it should damn well not be our side trying to start this mess.

Honestly, what did they think would happen? The leader of this “operation” figured he’d need 200 people to storm the capitol and take hostages, but then what? Trust me, 200 people aren’t enough to hold anything indefinitely. At some point, someone would send in some elite tactical unit–possibly military rather than law enforcement since this would constitute a terrorist act–and kill every last one of those 200 men. At least, those that weren’t smart enough to surrender first.


Undoubtedly, some are arguing that it’s funny how the FBI can focus on groups like this but not Antifa. Well, I have some news for you, Antifa is smarter than these knobs.

See, Antifa, for all their ills, focuses on low-level stuff. They wreck buildings, sure, but they’re not talking about a large-scale terrorist operation on American shores. Guess which one the FBI is going to put their focus on? Believe me, the public would eviscerate them if it was learned they had intelligence about such an attack but were focused on a bunch of street punks with Molotov cocktails instead.

Antifa, who I have zero use for, has at least honed their tactics for the battleground they’ve chosen. They know how to mobilize, compartmentalize, and then operate with minimal chance for infiltration.

I know a gentleman with a lot of military experience. His response to the argument that right-wing actors are more dangerous than left-wing groups by simply arguing that it’s not that the right is more likely to act, but that they’re more likely to be good at violence. He may well be right.

However, on the same token, the extreme left is better at keeping their heads down and not getting stupid enough to warrant much attention from the FBI.

Then again, there’s reason to suspect one of the the ringleaders of this group wasn’t exactly “right” politically.

Yes, I know, this is the same FBI that has actively worked against the president. There’s plenty of reason to suspect their biases. On the same token, you really do have to look at the scale of what’s at stake.


Look, I get where a lot of people are coming from. I fear war is coming and it’s probably a good idea for people to band together for training purposes because if and when something does kick off, it’ll be a bad time to try and find a crew.

So yes, get together and train. Be vigilant. Be ready.

But the moment you decide to kidnap anyone, much less a sitting governor, you’ve crossed the line and have become just as lawless as the Antifa you claim to hate.

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