1-In-5 Gun Owners Got Another Gun Due To Riots

We’ve spilled a fair amount of digital ink over the plethora of new gun owners who joined our ranks in the last six months or so. For the most part, many of us believe this to be a good thing, but we’ve talked a lot about new gun owners.


However, it seems that it’s not just the newbies buy guns.

At least, that’s what a recent survey found, anyway.

Gun-owning Americans are purchasing additional firearms in response to the violent Black Lives Matter protests that have taken place in many cities and communities across the country in recent months.

Rasmussen survey published this week found that 22% of Americans who already have a gun in their household have added another since the start of protests and that a large majority feel safer having done so.

In all, 43% of those surveyed told the polling group that they or someone in their household owns a gun. Slightly over half (54%) of those adults who live in a gun-owning household said that they feel safer with a gun in the house, while only 7% said they feel less safe, and 38% said the gun’s presence doesn’t affect their feelings of personal safety.

But among the roughly 1 in 5 people whose households have added another firearm in recent months, a whopping 90% reported feeling safer.

Shocking, right?

Yeah, it’s not. Like, at all.

The truth of the matter is that a lot of households only had one firearm and for a burglar or something, they figured that was enough. When mobs are rampaging through the streets and that same mob threatening to spill over into the neighborhoods, one gun really doesn’t look like enough anymore. Instead, you want everyone armed and ready to fight if it comes to that.

Honestly, no one is surprised that those folks bought another gun.


So what about the other 4 in 5?

Well, we have to speculate, but I suspect that some already had plenty of guns. Others might have wanted to buy another gun, but haven’t been able to find one. Still others live in places where there hasn’t been much in the way of “protests,” so they haven’t bothered to try and get another firearm.

Either way, though, this spells bad news for rioters who think the neighborhoods are easy pickings for their looting and destruction. Oh, they’ll probably hit a few houses, but at some point, they’ll pick the wrong one and someone is going to need a body bag. Probably multiple someones.

At that point, I don’t think I can actually feel bad for them, either. Then again, it’s not like I felt bad for the scumbags killed in Kenosha, so this shouldn’t be surprising.

Violent thugs pretending to be protesting injustice but really just looking for a place to destroy and steal aren’t exactly high on my list of sympathetic people, after all, so I won’t lose a wink of sleep over them. Neither should anyone else, either.

If we’re going to worry about anyone, we should worry about the good guy who puts them down, because the mob will demand their head on a platter and too many prosecutors are willing to deliver it.

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