Gun Rights Activists In Newport News Stage Rally

With Virginia going on its recent anti-gun kick, it’s easy to forget just how many people in the Old Dominion State really value their Second Amendment rights. However, when you look at the map of sanctuary counties that sprung up immediately following the elections, you shouldn’t really be surprised.


In Newport News, the city recently decided that open carry was not longer permitted in government buildings. It was just one of a myriad of new local gun laws passed in recent months.

Gun owners in the city, however, decided to make their displeasure known.

Armed protesters gathered outside the Newport News Police Department headquarters exercising their Second Amendment rights, which they say are being taken away from them.

A city ordinance passed over the summer now bans open carry of firearms at city buildings, facilities and parks.

“We ain’t running! We ain’t here to run!”

Dozens of gun owners with their weapons in hand gathered outside the police headquarters, protesting against the ordinance they say is unconstitutional.

“We are all here, and we are all heavily armed. We are unified, and if you mess with one of us, you are going to mess with all of us this time,” said organizer Mike Dunn.

Dunn was arrested last week for trying to go into Huntington Park with his gun. In response, he organized a protest in front of the police headquarters with Police Chief Steve Drew’s “OK.”

“I thought it was good dialogue. They didn’t have to talk to me – I appreciate they did, but I think it shows good faith,” said Chief Drew.

According to Chief Drew, the group did not defy the city ordinance since they were outside headquarters.

“If it’s inside a city building or inside a city building or park – that’s what the ordinance addresses,” he said.

That was smart, in my opinion. You’re challenging the law but in such a way they can’t arrest you for it.


Don’t get me wrong, being arrested has its place in civil disobedience–how else are you going to challenge the laws in the courts if there’s no case?–but this was about letting their voices be heard. They pushed it right up to the line legally speaking, but that also shows just how stupid the law is.

If someone is a threat, they’re still a threat even if they can’t gain entry into the building. They can just wait outside or whatever.

Honestly, the prohibition on open carry anywhere is kind of stupid. While I’m generally not a huge fan of open carry for various reasons, I’ll be the first to point out that, as a general rule, criminals don’t display their weapons openly unless they intend to threaten someone. Even then, they simply flash the gun and then conceal it again.

Open carry isn’t the problem and never has been. All open carry does is make the Karens uncomfortable, which just means the Karens need to get the hell over it. Gun rights are rights and someone’s comfort isn’t the metric we use to determine if rights should be respected.

I don’t know that this rally will do any good, but I wish these folks the best.

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