Alarming Number Of Guns Stolen Out Of Cars In Nashville

I try not to have too many pet peeves, for the most part, because most of the time, things that annoy me may not have a greater impact to the world and, as such, all having a pet peeve does is allow you to feel superior. Since I generally don’t go out of my way to feel superior to other people except pedophiles and Justin Bieber fans, there’s just no point.


However, there is one that I’m not interested in letting go, and that’s how so many people seem to leave firearms in their cars.

Metro Police said more than 550 guns have been stolen from vehicles in Nashville so far this year.

Just last week, police said 21 guns were stolen from vehicles and 8 of those vehicles were easy targets as they were unlocked.

Now, let’s keep a few things in mind here.

First, I’ll admit that it seems many of these were locked cars and there are times when there’s not much you can do. You’re carrying your firearm and you have to go into a building where firearms are prohibited, so you leave your gun behind. For most of us, though, that means locking it in the glove box or something. Others will stash it in the center console, but make sure to lock the car so people can’t gain easy entry.

However, there are also a ton of people who are bound and determined to leave a gun in the car for an indefinite period of time. They just stash a gun in the car and leave it there in case they need it. Then they get used to ignoring it and leave the damn car unlocked and allow a criminal to get their gun.

Nice, freaking job, moron.

Look, I get all the Second Amendment arguments, the idea that someone should have a right to do just that. In fact, I agree with them. Someone should have a right to leave a gun in their car.

But having the right to do something doesn’t mean that you should do that thing. You have a right to sling racial slurs at anyone you pass on the street. That doesn’t mean it’s something you should go out and do for your personal amusement.


What I’m talking about is gun owners acting irresponsibly.

When gun owners act irresponsibly, it makes our fight to protect our Second Amendment rights just that much harder. People see these stories and hear about how gun owners in Nashville are leaving guns in their cars and getting them stolen, then roll their eyes when we talk about responsible gun owners. In their mind, we’re one and the same. They don’t comprehend any difference.

Further, this prompts lawmakers to look to punish people who get their firearms stolen in such a way, which makes it harder for the guy or gal who really is doing everything right, but had their gun stolen anyway because he was in a place where carrying a gun was off-limits when his or her car got hit.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, please stop doing this crap.

For all our sakes.


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