Apparent Letter Warns Some Of Post-Election Attack

Apparent Letter Warns Some Of Post-Election Attack

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been the year when all the crazies seem to have decided to come out to play. We’ve had nightly unrest in Portland, riots in just about every major city at some time or another this year and even in some of the not-so major ones, and we still haven’t even hit the election yet.

Four years ago, the results of the election soon sent folks out into the streets as disappointed leftists figured they might as well burn everything down since they didn’t get their way.

Now, we’re looking at it potentially happening again, and a letter that’s supposedly shown up in Kansas City is laying out some rather specific and potentially alarming threats.

Schlapp, the American Conservative Union Chairman, shared the above picture saying it was sent to someone in Kansas City. I spent several hours on Monday trying to get confirmation that the flyers were genuine, because you really just can’t take these things at face value.

Now, I’m not saying Schlapp is making this up. Especially since it looks like the only part he got wrong was where the letter was originally. Instead of Kansas City, it appears to have been sent to a woman in New Hampshire.

Of course it could still be a hoax.

After all, the comment about how they’ll attack “should Trump not concede the election,” sounds like the way a leftist would phrase it. Threatening property damage–a violent act, to be sure–sounds like the way leftists have been dealing with disappointment all this time, so why not? It’s not like they’ve shown a respect for private property. The warning of “this” Civil War is particularly ominous.

If anything, the left is fully responsible for making it so a potential hoax such as this could be so damned believable.

The thing is, though, it may not be a hoax. If that’s the case, then folks may want to prepare themselves for having to defend their homes. Those homes wouldn’t be the first thing leftists burned to the ever-loving ground in 2020 and there’s no reason to believe that those homes would be the last, either.

What’s amazing, though, is that even if the letter isn’t real, there are those on the left who think this is a swell idea and would like to join in the “fun.” These are often the very same people who will tell you that you don’t need a gun and that having an AR-15 is only because of male inadequacies (they fail to address women gun owners, most of time with this argument) or delusions about defeating the United States military, never thinking that we have them also in case the mob turns violent.

Hopefully, the election passes and we find that this was, indeed, nothing. Perhaps it’s legit but meant to scare people into being silent about their support for the president. Maybe it’s something else.

Either way, it’s a reminder to keep locked and loaded come November.