Georgia Arrest Shows Why Gun Control Fails

Georgia Arrest Shows Why Gun Control Fails

Gun control is often the fallacy of believing that additional laws will somehow stop criminal from breaking other laws. The belief that if we somehow pass a couple more rules, suddenly bad guys will start walking the straight and narrow is absolutely deluded.


The truth is, we have more than enough gun laws on the books. Especially since it’s clear that the ones we have aren’t really stopping criminals from getting guns.

Here’s an example from Macon, Georgia.

A total of six people were arrested Monday afternoon after a wanted man was found with stolen guns at a Macon apartment complex.

According to a news release, it happened at the Majestic Gardens Apartments on Rocky Creek Road around 12:30 p.m.

It says investigators received a tip that 18-year-old Rashid Ivey, who was wanted on aggravated assault warrants, was at an apartment in the complex. They went to the apartment and found Ivey inside the apartment along with five other people.

The release says a search warrant was executed at the apartment and eight guns were found – four had been reported stolen in Bibb County and Florida.

The five other people in the apartment included 23-year-old Sefon Dennard, 17-year-old Phaizon Pollard and three juveniles.

They were all arrested.

Now, police found eight guns. Four had been reported stolen. There’s a pretty high likelihood that the other four were stolen but the serial numbers weren’t reported. Of the six people arrested, only one was old enough to lawfully purchase a handgun.

So, how many laws were allegedly violated here?

Now, with that in mind, just how many gun laws could be concocted to address this? Zero, that’s how many.

There were at least four stolen guns in the apartment. That tells us that they weren’t lawfully purchasing guns. They were going outside the law, for crying out loud.


And these weren’t master criminals with deep underworld contacts to shady arms dealers from exotic locations. They’re a handful of street punks who managed to pick up some firearms from someone they knew who either stole them or bought them from the thief. Yeah, it’s that easy for criminals to get guns illegally.

What you’re not going to see is a law that can actually prevent this kind of thing, either. It’s not physically possible.

Yet anti-gunners will continue to push for laws that restrict the rights of the law-abiding because of the already illegal acts of people who obtained their guns illegally. It’s absolutely insane.

These six people stand accused of possessing guns they couldn’t legally own, but there are legions more out there right now with illicit firearms stolen from law-abiding citizens.

Here’s a though for the lawmakers. Instead of going after gun owners, why don’t you focus on cracking down on people who sell stolen good and engage in other actually illegal activities. You know, just to shake stuff up a bit?

I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s something that might actually work for a change. You should give it a try.

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