California BLM Leader: We Need To Be Armed

California BLM Leader: We Need To Be Armed

I’ve always been amazed at the people who, on one hand, support gun control–an idea that will place all the lawful guns in the hands of law enforcement–while simultaneously telling us that law enforcement is nothing but jackbooted thugs who are looking for any excuse to gun down innocent citizens.

Honestly, the idea doesn’t make any sense to me. If you really think the police are gunning for innocent people, they’re the last folks you should want to have the only legal firearms on America’s streets.

Hell, I don’t believe that about police and I still don’t want them having the only legal firearms on our streets.

It’s always good to see someone who does, though, seem to grasp that fact.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento is taking new aim in their efforts to keep their community safe. The group is looking for sponsorships to get black community members trained in gun safety.

They are calling it a harsh realization in a world that fails to protect black people.

“We need to be armed. There is nothing wrong with it,” said Black Lives Matter Sacramento founder Tanya Faison.

For months, protests, calls for police accountability and concerns over white supremacy have been a top priority for Faison. Now she is making a new call to the public.

“Get protection in these times when we know we cannot call the police for help and where we know that we need to stay safe because it is a really volatile time right now,” she explained.

The Founder of BLM Sacramento put a message out on the group’s Facebook page asking for sponsors to pay for 10 people to get firearm training. The money would go towards anyone in the black community that is looking to sign up to learn about gun safety. The course would cover teaching everything from how to hold, clean, safely store and shoot a gun.

“I want us to be independent from the system and I want us to be educated and informed on what we are doing,” she explained.

Now, if a group of right-leaning folks talked about being “independent from the system,” it would cause some kind of a meltdown. Faison’s comments aren’t causing that reaction. Funny, that.

Regardless, she’s not wrong that black Americans should be armed. Everyone should be, but yeah, especially black Americans.

The black community bears a disproportional burden when it comes to violent crime. They’re far more likely to be the victims of a violent crime. In fact, despite comprising just 13 percent of the population, they represent 15 percent of all violent crime victims and half of all homicide victims. Even if there wasn’t a distrust of the police, it would just look like simple wisdom for the black community to get guns for their own personal defense.

Now, I’m sure there are some who will view this with some degree of discomfort. The left would blame racism, but it’s not that. It’s the idea of your ideological opponents having guns. It’s the reason I figure most leftists are anti-gun, actually.

To those, though, I just want to tell you to get over it. The more minorities embrace gun ownership, the less likely Democrats will be to take our guns. They need those demographics in many places to win elections, so they’re not going to want to piss them off. That works out to a win for us.