This is Why Many On The Right Are Down With Colleges

A while back on our sister site, Townhall, I noted that I’d really rather my son not attend college. I’d actually prefer him to go to trade school or something of that sort. Of course, he went to college. For what he ended up majoring in, accounting, there really isn’t a viable option for him unless he went to college.


However, some people have wondered just what the hell was wrong with me and why so many others on the right are down on colleges.

They don’t seem to understand that colleges have a deep progressive bias. They’re anti-gun and anti-freedom.

Don’t believe me? Well, explain this one, then.

On the school’s website, Brandeis University in Massachusetts highlighted a song inspired by the gun debate.

Written by Professor of Music Eric Chasalow and titled “Ghost of John William, Chasalow explained on the website that he “wrote the song out of a deep sense of frustration and exhaustion.”

“It is crystal clear that gun rights and white supremacy are intertwined,” claimed Chasalow in the description on the school’s website. “The deeply entrenched, well-financed gun-rights movement is, at its core, a fear-driven, reactionary institution for maintaining our racist and classist power-structure.”

Now, understand that Chasalow has a right to believe anything he wants. His academic freedom means that making a song like this shouldn’t impact his job. I’m fine with all that.

My problem is that Brandeis University went beyond permitting this and entered into the realm of glorifying it. It’s a blatantly political message that many of their students and alumni vehemently disagree with, but Brandeis simply doesn’t care.


This, however, isn’t unusual. It’s typical.

Many, if not most, pro-gun students find themselves in a hostile environment. A study released earlier this month notes that 72 percent of conservative college students self-censor themselves out of fear. One of the issues people censor themselves on is their support for gun rights. Colleges and universities are hostile toward even the idea of pro-gun students.

In fact, even the mere photograph of a student holding a firearm has been enough to trigger meltdowns.

Yet they don’t even blink about promoting the opposite side, glorifying it with every fiber of their being. Now, if you can’t see the hypocritical nature of what’s going on, then your head is completely stuck in the sand.

The average American university isn’t nearly as interested in educating our young people on how to think, but what to think. When my son can come home and tell me which teachers are commies or SJWs while taking no classes in politics, there’s a problem. When students can be punished for their lawful actions with firearms away from campus and yet the colleges will celebrate anti-gun efforts, it’s kind of hard to think they’re anything but pushing an agenda.


Remember that David Hogg was turned down at every college he applied to before his activism kicked into gear. Afterward, he got into Harvard. The Ivy League schools pretend they’re the elite, that they only take the best, yet they jumped at the chance to take a state-college reject because he held the right opinions about guns.

Yeah, the reason so many pro-gun folks are down on colleges is an absolute and total mystery, ain’t it?

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