Two Men Arrested In TX Gun Thefts

Two Men Arrested In TX Gun Thefts

One thing everyone should be united against is gun thieves. People who steal firearms rarely do so for “sporting” purposes or because they’re concerned so much about self-defense…unless it’s from other criminals. No, they steal guns and either use them for some kind of crime or they sell them to people who, in turn, use them for criminal activities.

In other words, they don’t actually do anyone any favors.

Of course, anti-gunners secretly love armed criminals because it’s the only thing they can try and hang their failed policies on to push for further restrictions, but that’s neither here nor there.

Gun thieves are a scourge. Now, there seem to be a couple fewer on the streets.

Officers from the Marshall Police Department arrested two men involved in a series of car break-ins on Tuesday.

According to police, they arrived to the area of Wingwood Terrace after a report that two men were looking through vehicles in the neighborhood.

Officials later found some men in the area that matched the description they had received and tried to approach the men, but they ran away.

When authorities searched their vehicle they found 9 pistols, two crossbows and 50 other items
that were stolen from other people’s cars, police said.

Apparently, the cars that Washington and Smith targeted had not been locked, so they were easily able to enter the vehicles.

Nine firearms.


I read that and just shake my head. It tells me that there were nine folks who were stupid enough to leave a gun in their car without securing it in some way. They couldn’t even be bothered to lock the freaking doors.

Holy crap. What neighborhood were they in? Hunter Biden’s?

People, let me make this perfectly clear.

Don’t leave guns in your car, but if you must, lock your damned doors before you end up arming have the gangs in your town.

This isn’t unique. I’ve written a lot of stories about unlocked cars and guns being stolen out of them, and I honestly don’t fathom how anyone can be so stupid.

On one hand, you understand that while most folks are law-abiding, there are some who aren’t and you might encounter then going about your business, which is why you have a gun in the car. On the other hand, you’re so freaking naive that you honestly think people aren’t going to go through your unlocked car?

How? How can someone like that muster enough brainpower to engage in something like breathing, much less operate a motor vehicle?

It honestly baffles me.

Yet it happens. It happens a lot, and it’s a real problem. This is why some communities are looking to start prosecuting people who do this and have their guns stolen. They’re ready to prosecute the victims of these crimes. While I vehemently oppose this idea, I do understand where they’re coming from. It’s ridiculous that this keeps happening, after all.

It needs to stop. We gun owners can stop it, too. We just have to make sure everyone is using their brains and not being stupid.