Celebrities Who Want You Disarmed Hire Armed Security For Election Night

Celebrities Who Want You Disarmed Hire Armed Security For Election Night

I won’t say that everyone expects post-election violence, but most people seem to. After all, in 2020, violence seems to be the norm. At least, it’s the norm when we’re not all hunkered down in our homes because of a pandemic or something.

However, the safe money is probably on some degree of rioting if Donald Trump wins. We saw it four years ago and we’re likely to see more this week if the president wins reelection.

A Joe Biden win probably won’t yield as much violence initially, but there may be “celebratory looting” or some such nonsense.

Regardless, many are taking precautions.

What’s amusing, though, is how the celebrities that spend money and time trying to see you disarmed are paying for armed security.

Wealthy celebrities living in at least one of New York City’s swankiest apartment buildings will be protected by armed guards during any civil unrest that may arise from the November 3 election.

Page Six exclusively reported that London Terrace Towers in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood — which has housed Debbie Harry, Pete Davidson, and Tim Gunn, among others — recently sent an email to residents informing them that extra security would be hired for potential unrest.

“As you are aware, government enforcement agencies across the country are making plans to control the possible civil unrest following the upcoming presidential election,” the email read, according to Page Six. “Regardless of the outcome of [Tuesday’s] election, our concerns range from isolated violent incidents to a long stretch of mass protests, confrontations between extremists, and potential property damage.”

“Insiders” told Page Six that the extra guards being hired to patrol the apartment complex will be armed.

“It’s all a little much but this is Chelsea and with The Eagle leather bar closed due to the pandemic, no one is going to complain about seeing guys in uniform with a big gun!” one resident told the outlet.

Meanwhile, folks like you and me? They want to see us disarmed because we’re a bunch of hayseeds who can’t be trusted. Most of us can’t afford to outsource our personal protection. We don’t live in expensive apartment buildings that will hire armed security for us. Nope. We’re regular people who have to work regular jobs. We can’t afford to hire our own security.

Yet this is normal for the celebrity set.

See, in their minds, they’re special. They’re deserving of special protection because they’re more likely to be specifically targeted because they’re famous. The problem is that it really doesn’t hold up to reality.

While a celebrity becoming the victim of a crime will dominate news headlines for weeks or months, the truth is that they’re no more likely to be the victim of a crime than anyone else. After all, there are around 15,000 homicides in the United States every year. How many of them are celebrities? There are about 150,000 rapes, yet there’s no reason to believe celebrities are disproportionately impacted. Armed robberies, aggravated assaults, and any other violent crime you care to name are far more likely to impact the regular guy or gal than the celebrities.

And yet, they are so wrapped up in their ivory tower mentality that they think they are the targets.

So, they hire extra security and look at us and think, “Let them eat cake,” then go back to their world of make-believe.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have to worry about whether or not our homes will get burned to the ground because of a Trump sign out front because we can’t outsource our personal protection.

Me? I’ll be locked and loaded tonight and for the rest of the week and I dare some celebrity to make a thing of it.