Texas Flipping Strategy Didn't Quite Work Out As Expected

Anti-gun advocates had an audacious plan. In addition to hoping to take the White House–something still very much in doubt as of this writing–, they hoped to flip the state of Texas.


Of course, only some might think of it as audacious. Others might think of it as ridiculous. After all, Texas is Texas, right.

However, in some people’s minds, there was a precedent. They’d already flipped Virginia, so Texas was simply the next step. They even planned to use the same strategy to flip Texas.

This morning, we ask them, “How did that work out for ya?”

Millions of dollars were spent trying to flip Texas blue, only for President Trump to take the state by 10 points. They flipped zero House seats and zero state legislature seats that I could find. In other words, for all that money, they accomplished nothing.

Nicely done, folks. Nicely done indeed.

So how did that happen?

Well, first, you need to understand that Texas and Virginia were never particularly alike. Virginia has always had a fairly liberal population surrounding the D.C. area. That gave anti-gun liberals a toe-hold in the state. It kept the state from ever being fully red.

You see, while Virginia may have broken for Republicans over a long number of elections, it started breaking Democrat in 2008. Governor Ralph Northam was elected. Then they flipped the legislature. In other words, it was a long, slow process that eventually succeeded.

Texas, however, isn’t Virginia. While there are liberal enclaves, particularly in southern parts of the state, they’re in places where they’re not likely to grow with legal voters.

Further, it’s a red state that’s notorious for its love of its guns.


It was into this furnace that anti-gunners opted to shovel their money. They tossed piles of cash into the fire, believing that if they just threw enough in, things would change.

Yet, the problem people tend to forget about is that money doesn’t trump principle.

The people of Texas, for the most part, support the Second Amendment. They love their gun rights and they understand that gun control doesn’t make anyone safer. They’ve seen what happens when maniacs break the law and no one is there to stop them. They’ve seen heroes stop mass shootings, too. They’ve seen all of that.

Did people really think that all it would take would be to throw money at the state? Oh, but they did.

See, the powers that be figured that the only reason their anti-gun policies lack support is because we’re just too ignorant to embrace them. They figured they could spend enough money “educating” people then suddenly everyone in Texas would join the cause. They expected their wins to be pretty small, sure, but they were sure they’d come.

They didn’t.

In 2016, Trump won Texas by nine points. On Tuesday, as of this writing, he appears to have won by 10 points. In other words, they lost ground.

So much for flipping Texas blue. But hey, if they want to keep wasting money, go right ahead.

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