Two GA Men Guilty Of Trafficking Guns, Drugs In Girl Scout Cookie Box

Unless I’m trying to lose weight, there’s nothing quite like the sight of Girl Scouts selling cookies.

While the purpose is both a fundraiser and, apparently, an attempt to teach entrepreneurship to young girls, no one really cares about all that. What we care about are tasty, sweet goodness that might be expensive, but is also tasty as hell.


What we generally don’t associate with the Girl Scouts are guns or drugs.

Apparently, two Georgia men did.

Though the theft of guns in Fayette County was not part of the announcement, U.S. Attorney Byung J. “BJay” Pak on Nov. 5 said two Union City brothers pleaded guilty and were sentenced to trafficking in firearms.

Located in south Fulton County, Union City borders portions of the north side of Fayette County.

Antonio Turrentine, 29, and Dominique Turrentine, 30, pleaded guilty and were sentenced in federal court on gun trafficking and drug charges.

Pak said the Turrentine brothers were arrested on Feb. 27, after arriving at an agreed-upon location where they expected to sell guns and a pound of marijuana. At the time of their arrests, both men were carrying loaded semi-automatic pistols. The marijuana was concealed inside a Girl Scouts cookies box.

Pak said Antonio Turrentine in 2019 sold a total of 32 firearms, including assault rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic pistols loaded with large capacity magazines, to an informant participating in an ATF-sting operation.


Honestly, who thinks to hide stuff in Girl Scout cookie boxes? I mean, there’s someone out there who will look in boxes of any flavor. Put a Thin Mints box in front of me and you’d also better place an armed guard next to it if you don’t want me scarfing the minty goodness, so why hide stuff in the box?

Then again, most criminals aren’t known for their brilliance. Sure, there are very smart crooks out there. They’re not the ones getting caught doing idiotic, low-level stuff like this.

Instead, we get these two mental giants.

Needless to say, though, their very existence illustrates why gun control is doomed to fail. These two made money by selling guns illegally to people. We can gather that not only were they unlicensed to sell these firearms, but they also failed to perform a background check on their customers. In other words, they were selling guns to bad people who are supposed to not be able to buy guns.

I know, shocking. I mean, the criminal class is usually so law-abiding and everything, right?

At the end of the day, the bad guys are always going to have guns. They’ll find ways to obtain guns no matter what you try to do. You’re not going to stop them.


Instead, you simply stop the law-abiding from buying guns for lawful purposes. Any delay in the process is the same as a denial of one’s civil liberties, which is precisely what gun control does.

Folks like the Turrentines? They specialize in making sure the criminals don’t have to worry about any of that kind of thing. With them locked up, it’ll be someone else.

If the criminals are going to get guns, then maybe politicians should stop interfering with the law-abiding citizens. After all, they’ll need those guns to defend themselves.

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