Whitmer Kidnapping Plotter Wanted To Hang Trump

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was the target of a kidnapping plot. This is something we now know, and while I don’t particularly care for Whitmer, I’m glad the people plotting to kidnap her were complete and total idiots.


Many have used this as a way of painting the right as a bunch of insane people who are looking to commit violent acts–usually while ignoring all the violence the left has been committing–and it hasn’t been easy to deal with.

The thing is, these guys weren’t exactly MAGA hat wearers themselves, apparently.

A Delaware man accused of plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also threatened to hang President Donald Trump and posted a hit list on Facebook targeting other elected leaders, including former President Barack Obama, according to an unsealed search warrant affidavit obtained by The Detroit News.

The affidavit gave federal agents permission to search a Facebook account belonging to Barry Croft, 44, of Bear, Delaware, who was one of six men charged in federal court with conspiracy to kidnap. Evidence collected by FBI agents portrays his Facebook account as a virtual bulletin board filled with violent imagery, including a noose and a list of grievances in which he mulled killing Democrats and Republicans including South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, Muslims and liberals.

“I say we hang everything currently governing us, they’re all guilty!!!,” Croft wrote in May on his Facebook page, which also included an image of Trump. “Wanna hang this mf’er too…”

In other words, while this was politically motivated, it doesn’t look like this was a card-carrying Trump supporter.

There have been indications that these guys were anarchists, not Republicans. They’re extreme libertarians who think that there should be no government at all. They’re only slightly less stupid than the socialist anarchists that make up so much of Antifa, but the difference is so slim it might as well not even exist.


And this is important.

While the media was quick to blame the political right for this plot, the truth is that these guys weren’t on the right or the left. Then again, that old dichotomy is really outdated to describe American politics. Libertarian anarchists–and not all libertarians are any such thing–aren’t really on the right, but they’re not on the left either. They’re somewhere out in the ether.

They’re the group whose members planned this, who wanted to execute both Whitmer and Trump.

These guys aren’t just targeting Democrats. They’re targeting everyone who disagrees with them. They want to punish anyone who believes differently from them. They’re not any different than the Antifa thugs who try to burn down college campuses because they don’t like who is coming to speak.

Meanwhile, expect a lot of people on the left to miss this little tidbit. Expect them to continue acting like this is part of some “violent right” that exists primarily in their minds and nowhere else.

At the end of the day, these guys didn’t claim either side, which is fine. Neither side wants to claim them, either.

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