GA Senate Candidate Blasted Second Amendment In Sermons

Rev. Raphael Warnock is spending a lot of time on Georgia televisions right now trying to pretend he’s a moderate. I know, I’m one of those unfortunate souls who is being subjected to two more months of the campaign season, which means I “get” to see Warnocks claims. His response to Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s criticism is to resort to motte and bailey style arguments and do his damnedest to reframe himself not as a radical leftist, but as a moderate that can appeal to Georgia voters.


The thing is, he’s not, and his past with the Second Amendment is all the evidence you need.

Democratic Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock has criticized the second amendment multiple times in his sermons, something that has caused gun owners in the state to worry about the upcoming runoff election in January.

Warnock, who is running against Republican Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler, has openly voiced his concern with guns in multiple videos reviewed by the Daily Caller and has said he believes Georgia needs stricter gun laws. Warnock also has been supported by a number of groups who support a ban on assault weapons. Gun groups in Georgia, who work to defend gun rights, shared their concerns with Warnock’s stance on the second amendment when contacted by the Caller.

In a 2014 sermon, Warnock criticized politicians who attend church on Sundays and then write “the dumbest” gun legislation “you can ever imagine.”

“And that’s why you’ve got politicians who go to church every Sunday morning, and then walk into that capitol, stand under that gold dome, and come up with the dumbest legislation you can ever imagine. ‘What we need is more guns, in more places, by more people.’ Think about all the crazy people you bump into just on the routine, every week. On your job, on the street, some of them in church – don’t look at ‘em. Imagine all them people with guns,” Warnock said in the sermon.

During another 2014 sermon, Warnock labeled Georgia’s gun laws as being “some of the most lax” in the country.

“Just yesterday I testified before the State Legislators at the Georgia capital. Georgia has some of the most lax gun laws in the country. Georgia’s idea of gun control is whether you can hold your rifle straight. With all of the lax gun laws in Georgia, they’ve decided that they aren’t lax enough. We’ve got the fifth-highest population of uninsured individuals, and with all of the issues, we’re almost last in education, we haven’t figured out how to provide healthcare to all of these uninsured people, Governor will not expand Medicaid, and in the midst of all that’s going on I had to go to the capital yesterday because they’ve decided that what we really need is more guns, and more access to guns by more people in more places…,” Warnock said.


Since many of his commercials repeat his feelings on uninsured people, it’s safe to say that there’s little reason to believe that Warnock’s opinion on the matter has budged.

Yet here’s a key point the good reverend is missing. The Second Amendment provides people the right to keep and bear arms and Georgia has spent years trying to undo a racist history of gun control in order to support that right, but that right doesn’t cost the state a damn thing. People buy their own guns, their own ammo, and support themselves with regard to the Second Amendment.

Warnock’s answer for insurance, as noted in the above quote, is to expand a government program–Medicaid–that cost the taxpayers millions every year and provides pretty low-quality healthcare, all things considered.

He lashes out about education but, again, expanding gun rights doesn’t cost the state millions it simply doesn’t have.

At the end of the day, Warnock doesn’t believe Georgians have a right to keep and bear arms. He thinks many, if not most of us, are too “crazy” to own a gun. If he’s in the Senate, it seems clear that the man will stand with Sen. Chuck Schumer and help “remake America,” which will mean an unhealthy dose of gun control from Uncle Sam.

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