Despite Failing To Flip State, TX Dems Roll Out Gun Control Bills

Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent in an effort to flip a number of states blue, an attempt to push gun control down the throats of the American people. One of the states anti-gunners hoped to win big was Texas.


After all, flipping the state many Americans identify as so vehemently pro-gun and giving them the Virginia treatment would have been a huge coup.

As we all know, that didn’t exactly work out as planned.

Despite the setback, though, it seems that anti-gun lawmakers in the state somehow figure they’ll roll out all their gun control bills anyway.

At least 16 gun control bills have already been filed for the upcoming Texas Legislative Session beginning in January, setting the stage for a contentious battle over the gun rights of private citizens.

One of the bills is HB 196, filed by Irving State Representative Terry Meza.  Her bill would remove a homeowner’s legal right under the Castle Doctrine to use a firearm in the defense of their homestead against an intruder.  Meza believes homeowners are too quick to pull the trigger during a home invasion, and HB 196 would essentially gut that provision from the Castle Doctrine.

“I’m not condoning stealing, it is against the law, “Meza says, “but it’s not an offense that is punishable by death.”

Meza claims she’s already become the target of intense scrutiny online.

“People are already attacking me on Facebook saying I’m against the 2nd Amendment,” she says.

Well, um…that’s because you are, Ms. Meza.

See, using a firearm to defend your home isn’t about protecting the property. It’s about protecting the people within that home. See, if somone breaks into a home where someone currently is, there’s a very good chance they intend to harm that individual. People have been killed because they surprised a burglar.


That’s why those provisions exist, so people don’t have to try to get away from someone who means to hurt them.

Anyone trying to gut that provision isn’t rational, they’re anti-Second Amendment.

There are, of course, a lot of other gun control bills that have been filed as well including one that would ban the private sale of guns at gun shows. Another would kill preemption. Still another would end campus carry in the state despite absolutely no issues arising from the practice–something anti-gunners swore would be a huge problem.

Then there are four separate bills that take on two particular issues. Two would ban the sale and possession of certain “commonly owned semi-automatic firearms” while the other two would ban magazines greater than a certain size.

In Texas.

Do any of these bills have a chance in hell of passing? Probably not. However, if these are the bills they roll out when they get a mudhole stomped on their butts, you kind of have to wonder what they would have done if they’d actually won.

Either way, it seems clear that anti-gunners aren’t letting their failure hold them back too much. It also serves as a remind of just how important it is to beat them each and every election.

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