Police Sieze Over 20 Guns From NY Gangs

New York is one of the more anti-gun states in our nation. The governor there has waged a personal jihad against gun rights and the National Rifle Association in an effort to nullify the Second Amendment as best he can. He’s put pressure on the financial industry–much of which is based in New York–to cut ties with the gun industry, creating all kinds of problems.


But hey, it means that New York doesn’t have any problem with bad guys getting guns, right?


Well, not so much.

Nassau County police have taken more than 20 guns off the street since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Cops confiscated three of them as recently as this weekend.

“They were taken from 23 different gang members that have all been arrested — 10 of those were Bloods members, five of them were Eighteenth Street, five of them Rolling Sixties Crip, one was Latin Pride, Salvadoran Pride and folk Nation,” Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said, listing the suspects’ affiliations.

The most dangerous of the guns was a so-called street sweeper, which can hold up to 100 rounds of ammunition, police said.

“Every single gun that’s here, in my mind, represents lives saved,” County Executive Laura Curran said.

Which may or may not be accurate. While gang members don’t necessarily represent the good guy with a gun by any stretch, not all of them are rolling out and killing people, either. After all, there are an estimated 1.4 million gang members in the country, and while much of the violence we see is gang violence, it doesn’t necessarily hold that every armed gang member is a murderer.

But, let’s say that the difference is so minuscule as to be meaningless. I mean, I’m willing to admit that’s potentially true since gang members aren’t exactly upstanding citizens.

So, then the question is how did these firearms end up in the gangs’ hands. After all, New York loves them some gun control, now don’t they? If gun control worked as advertised, these gangs shouldn’t have had any guns, yet they did.


Well, it’s because gun control simply doesn’t work. Those gangs they tried to disarm? They probably had another gun within five minutes of hitting the streets again.

Criminals don’t follow the law. It’s kind of part of the job description. As such, they buy guns not from lawful dealers but from black market suppliers. They buy firearms stolen from law-abiding citizens.

Of course, anti-gunners then try to pass laws hurting those law-abiding citizens in some bizarre belief that if you do that, the criminals will somehow be impacted. Well, that’s not happening in any state we’ve seen. Criminals will get their guns. Even the tight gun control we see in Mexico has done nothing to prevent rampant violence from taking place.

Clearly, New York’s laws aren’t doing very much, either.

At the end of the day, gun laws don’t impact criminals all that much. It might impact where they get their guns, but they’ll still get them. The sooner people understand that the sooner we can stop punishing ordinary citizens for the acts of the depraved.

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