Gun Bills Introduced In Ohio House

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is proof that just because someone is a Republican, it doesn’t mean you can trust them with your gun rights. DeWine has been pushing for gun control in his state for months, ever since he started facing increased pressure following the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. Nevermind that none of his proposals would have done a thing to stop Dayton. Oh no, that would make just too much sense.


So far, most lawmakers in the state have apparently opted to ignore DeWine’s pleading.

Apparently, though, someone thinks the state needs should go in the other direction.

One proposal would expand Ohioans’ ability to “stand their ground” from residences and cars to businesses, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer, which obtained an analysis of the proposed changes to a current pending weapons-related bill.

Another provision would allow 18-year-olds to receive a concealed carry license and with that, to buy firearms. An additional measure would ban schools and universities from penalizing employees or students who carry a concealed weapon legally. Another change would allow Ohioans to have guns while drinking in bars.

Obviously, this is probably not going to make DeWine happy, though I don’t know that he’ll veto the bills.

DeWine’s push for gun control has been a more watered-down version of what Democrats have wanted and looks like something someone trying to find consensus might float. Of course, that’s likely what DeWine was trying to do.

However, that went nowhere as state lawmakers were thoroughly uninterested in following his suggestions.

Instead, it seems clear that most have the good sense to recognize that much of the problems with gun violence stems not from too little gun control, but too much.

Of course, I’m not sure how giving 18-year-olds concealed carry cards and saying they can buy firearms–presumably, this means handguns since they already can buy long guns–will play when federal law says you have to be 21 to buy a handgun. While a case can be made for state law trumping federal law on such matters, the truth is that any licensed dealer who does sell one to an 18-year-old faces the possibility of losing their license regardless of state law. Further, they’ll have to defend that position in federal court.


It’s not that I think this is wrong, mind you, simply that I don’t think it’ll actually accomplish anything.

Still, it does tickle me that DeWine has been practically begging for gun control and this is what seems to be popping up for consideration instead. Why, it’s almost like state lawmakers are outright ignoring the governor on such matters.

Which, of course, they are. They should, too, because while DeWine’s proposals are far from the worst we’ve seen, they’re all still bad ideas. Each and every one of them.

Maybe these bills will remind DeWine that he doesn’t get to order lawmakers around. They pass the laws their constituents want, not the ones that will make the governor popular with the other party. That’s something DeWine clearly needs to learn.

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