Nation's Priorities Moving Forward Don't Include Gun Control

Nation's Priorities Moving Forward Don't Include Gun Control

While President Trump continues his legal challenges, much of the country is moving forward expecting to see a Biden presidency. For better or worse, that’s how things are shaping up. While something big might come out and change everything, many don’t want to deal in hope.

Instead, many Americans are focused on Joe Biden instead, and more importantly, what they expect Biden to tackle coming out of the gate in January.

A recent poll seems to have an idea of what people want from the next four years.

Do you see what’s not on the list?

That’s right. Gun control.

While anti-gunners are pushing Biden to take executive action on guns in the early days of his presidency, the truth is that the American people aren’t even remotely concerned about the subject. Believe me, if more than four percent wanted gun control that badly, it would be on that list. The fact that it’s not there at all tells you just how important it is to them.

In other words, it’s not.

2021 will kick-off with millions of new gun owners running around this great land of ours. Many of them ran smack into the lies the anti-gun machine continues to churn out about how it’s just too easy to buy a gun and how you can order one on the internet. They found out just how much male bovine excrement all of that was, so they’re not really looking for new gun control.

Even Biden knows that gun control isn’t a winning issue. If it were, he’d have been all over it prior to the general election. Instead, he clammed up on the topic as soon as the primary was basically decided. He started pivoting to any other issue.

Of course, his allies in the media gave him cover during the debate by refusing to bring it up at all, thus allowing him to hide it until most people straight forgot about it.

But now he’s getting ready to take office. His staff is working on plans for what to do during his first 100 days. They’re assigning priorities, and if they want to listen to the people, none of that will involve restricting our right to keep and bear arms.

As we’ve noted, support for gun control has plummeted. That’s a trend that’s been going on for a bit. Biden’s staff–I don’t think Biden is really calling the shots much these days–would do well to keep that in mind going forward.

Unfortunately, I think we all know that they won’t. The truth is, the Democratic Party has a huge grudge against guns and gun owners. They don’t want to win our votes, they want to punish us for not rolling over for them. They’ll do everything in their power to make our lives difficult, even if they don’t get control of the Senate. Through executive orders, there’s still plenty they can do, and I expect they will.

But that may hurt them in the long run. If the American people have other priorities, trying to punish gun owners may turn the public against Biden rather quickly.