Saginaw Officials Call For Thugs To "Put Down The Guns"

All throughout the nation, it seems that every community is being gripped by violence. It’s like everyone lost their damned mind during the lockdown and now that they’re a little freer to move around, they’re going to shoot anything that moves.


Of course, that’s not really the case. The vast majority of Americans aren’t hurting anyone, after all. It’s just the same handful that normally causes the issues. It’s just that now, they’re causing bigger issues.

In Saginaw, Michigan, city officials have a surefire plan to address the problem. They’re asking really nicely.

Saginaw City Council members on Monday discussed the city’s rising violence and number of homicides occurring in 2020.

“I just really want to see our city become the city that we should be and we can’t do that by killing each other off,” council member Reggie Williams said Monday, Nov. 23.

Williams, who works as police chief in Buena Vista Township and is a former Saginaw police officer, said he wanted to reach out to the community about the spike in violence.

“I would ask that we step up and work with our police department in these investigations. I would also add that we put the guns down,” he said. “Come together during this holiday season and moving it forward into 2021 so that we can help make 2021 a better year.”

Newly elected council member Michael Flores said that he did not want Saginaw to revert back to having a dangerous reputation.

Mayor Brenda Moore agreed with the council’s sentiments.

“My message is real simple. Put down the guns and can we all work together,” she said.

Oh, well, since a city council member and the mayor want them to put the guns down, I’m sure every criminal in town will trip all over themselves. I’m sure that right now, a bunch of gangbangers is sitting there, chatting, and saying, “You know, I was going to shoot that dude who looked at me funny, but the mayor and the city council said we should put the guns down, so I guess I won’t do that at all.”


Don’t get me wrong, it makes a nice soundbite. It’s something the people of Saginaw are probably glad to hear and it makes them feel warm and tingly to know that the city recognizes the issue.

But what are they doing about it? Nothing They’re telling the bad guys to put down the guns. Or what, though? There’s nothing I’ve seen so far that suggests there are any teeth to the demand.

That’s probably because it’s nothing but a platitude, a virtue signal that anyone can agree with, but doesn’t require anyone to actually do anything to address the issue.

The Kumbaya approach sounds good, but the criminals don’t give a damn what city officials have to say about anything. They never have. If they did, those pesky little things called “laws” would prevent most of their activities. Those even come with actual punishments for breaking them, yet the criminals simply don’t care. I somehow doubt this will do anything.

These officials would be better served by being proactive and looking at addressing the underlying issues rather than offering platitudes and pretending they’re doing something.

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