Even Cuomo Recognizes Media Bias, It Seems

Even Cuomo Recognizes Media Bias, It Seems

Longtime readers here at Bearing Arms will know that I don’t have a lot of love for the governor of New York. After all, the man has launched a personal jihad against gun manufacturers, trying to use his influence over the finance industry in an effort to undermine our Second Amendment rights via the back door.

Yeah, that’s a problem for me.

And yet, if the man actually does something right, I like to think I’m man enough to acknowledge it.

Well, he did.

The governor took aim at members of the media for taking on a “nastier tone” and openly disrespecting the president at press conferences.

“The way they question President Trump at some of these press conferences is just — I’ve never heard that tone with the president,” the New York governor told WAMC host Alan Chartock on Monday.

When Chartock countered with, “Well, he deserves it, doesn’t he?,” Cuomo doubled down.

“Well, yeah, except there’s supposed to be a decorum to the institution,” he said. “You want to say, ‘Well I don’t like the president and I disrespect him.’ I know. But it’s still the office of the president.”

Cuomo even commented that if someone had done that with his father, three-term Governor Mario Cuomo, then they’d have likely gotten decked for their rudeness.

To date, Trump hasn’t punched anyone, just mocked them.

Of course, it sucks that this comes after the election, but Cuomo is right. Trump has had an openly hostile media that no other president has been forced to endure. Cuomo when on to acknowledge the media’s bias against the president.

It’s only too bad that Cuomo hasn’t recognized that the bias goes beyond the president.

For some time now, most of the media has decided it isn’t just supposed to report on events, but it’s supposed to shape the future. It’s not enough to tell people what happened, they’re supposed to tell them how to feel about it too.

That’s why it’s rare to find a pro-gun story beyond the local level, for example. The national media has an anti-gun tilt and they’re not interested in presenting a balanced few of the issue. They want people afraid of guns so they can pressure politicians into making guns go away.

Only, they won’t.

See, the media can shape the narrative, but despite what some on the left think, there is an objective reality that isn’t going to be shaped by how people perceive it. You’re not going to make guns disappear, for example, simply because the media says guns will disappear. Their bias and reality aren’t necessarily similar.

It would be nice if Governor Cuomo recognized that the media’s bias has shaped a lot of perceptions about a great many issues, including guns. However, that would likely require him to reexamine his own actions as governor, something I suspect he’s unlikely to consider just now.

Still, it’s refreshing to see a Democrat acknowledge a left-leaning bias to the news media. Of all the people who would do it first, I never pegged Cuomo for it.

Good on him, though.