Canadian Gun Grabbers Push Shows What's In Store For Us

Canada isn’t the United States. While there are some strong similarities between the two nations, there are also some very profound cultural differences.

After all, if an American president somehow banned an entire category of firearms with the stroke of a pen, gun rights advocates here would likely have started watering the Tree of Liberty. Canadians, not so much.


However, despite what has to count as a huge win for Canadian gun control advocates, it’s not nearly enough.

Advocates of stricter gun control are urging the Trudeau government to get on with promised reforms, saying they are months overdue.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has pledged new measures, including a buyback of recently outlawed firearms, tougher storage provisions and steps to control handguns.

Heidi Rathjen, coordinator of the group PolySeSouvient, told an online news conference Monday that several months later there are no signs of progress on legislation.

“We urge minister Blair to return to the gun file with force and to aim to meet his commitments without delay.”

The plea came days before the Dec. 6 anniversary of the shootings of 14 women at Montreal’s École Polytechnique, which Rathjen witnessed as a student.

The federal government outlawed a wide range of firearms by cabinet order in May, including the one used at Polytechnique, saying the guns were designed for the battlefield, not hunting or sport shooting.

Yet despite that, gun control advocates in the nation are still demanding that Trudeau do more.

There’s a lesson in that.

Canada has a fraction of the violent crime we do. Despite that, anti-gun forces there continue to push and prod for more and more gun control. For them, it’s never enough. It won’t be enough so long as a single law-abiding citizen can own a firearm lawfully.

And the American gun-grabbers are no different.

How many of them watched Trudeau’s actions and desperately wished Americans could do the same? How many wished that a President Biden wouldn’t have to contend with Congress, but could just declare so-called assault weapons banned?


More importantly, though, how many would be content with such a ban?

See, that’s the question many anti-gunners aren’t able to answer. They can’t tell you where their line is. They keep saying they don’t want to ban firearm ownership, but they usually can’t articulate what point is just far enough for them.

The truth is that they’ll continue to push for more and more gun control, never satisfied, not until we have a near-total gun ban. I say near-total because I suspect they’ll make sure they can have a gun if they want it, but you sure as hell can’t. That’s just how it goes, after all.

For the anti-gunners, it’s never enough. They won’t be happy with anything, and the Canadian crowd is illustrating this perfectly.

So dig in and don’t delude yourself to believe that there will be a stopping point. There won’t be. Not for these folks. Our own gun control advocates will keep pushing forever.

Which is yet another reason why none of us should budge a single inch.

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