Bill Filed To Inflict "Duty To Retreat" On Texans

Michael Bloomberg and company did all they could to flip Texas from red to blue. They dropped an insane amount of money in an effort to flip the state, and he failed miserably. Texas wasn’t his only failure, to be sure, but it was a big one.


However, for some ridiculous reason, anti-gun lawmakers in the state seem to believe they actually won.

We know this because they pre-file bills like this.

Yes and no. The bill does strike “robbery, or aggravated robbery” from the list of things one can use deadly force against in Sections 9.32(a)(3)(B). But the use of deadly force — and not just with a firearm — to prevent the loss of “tangible, movable property” is left intact in Section 9.41.

The problem is that HB 196 would also do something else, something problematic. Texas has no duty for victims to retreat. This bill would require a victim to attempt to retreat in the face of an attacker before using deadly force, except when you are in your own home (Section 9.31(c)). This eliminates so-called stand your ground protection.

Now, realistically, this bill shouldn’t have a hope in hell of passing. This is something a lawmaker throws on the pile to get attention, to tell his anti-gun constituents he or she is really trying to strip law-abiding Texans of valued legal protections, but knowing full well that it’ll never see the light of day.

At least, I hope that’s what’s going on.

Otherwise, Texas state Rep. Terry Meza is delusional and should probably reside in a padded cell rather than helping shape the laws of the state of Texas.

Meza represents Austin, apparently, which is one of the most anti-gun regions of the state, so either way, a move like this from her isn’t overly surprising. At least, it shouldn’t be.

However, it’s also important to remember that Democrats got curb-stomped in the election. There’s absolutely no way the Republican-controlled state is remotely interested in revisiting their Stand Your Ground law.


If Meza was interested in anything but grandstanding, she’d probably set her sites on something a little more attainable. It’s not, though. This is nothing more than an attempt to stomp her feet and tell the world that she has all the right opinions so people need to start listening to her or else.

Luckily, pretty much no one else in the state is the least bit interested in what she has to say.

What should be interesting is to see how many other anti-gun bills get filed in the state. They won’t see the light of day, no one will expect them to pass, but they do show us just what would have happened had Bloomberg and company successfully flipped the state. It’s a reminder of just how important state elections can actually be.

After all, had they flipped the state, Meza’s bill would have had a real possibility of passing, thus impacting the lives of millions of Texans. These are people who value their lives and are willing to protect them and the lives of others. They’re not the kind of people who will run from a fight.

Of course, that’s also probably why Bloomberg’s effort was doomed to fail from the start, just like Meza’s bill.

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