Loeffler Blasts Warnock's Mockery Of Gun Owners

Sen. Kelly Loeffler hasn’t spent long in the Senate. While her opponent is trying to make a big thing about her being appointed to the position–something standard when a senator leaves part way through their term–she’s still a United States senator. She’s also running against Georgia’s version of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the Obamas controversial “former” pastor in Chicago.


Rev. Raphael Warnock, her opponent, has said some pretty despicable things, including basically saying those who serve in the military can’t be Christians.

He’s also opted to mock armed citizens, too.

Loeffler hasn’t given him any ground, but now she’s blasting Warnock’s mockery.

Georgia Senate candidate Kelly Loeffler (R) responded to Democrat Raphael Warnock’s mockery of gun ownership by calling it “disgusting.”

On November 30, 2020, Breitbart News reported Warnock mocked churchgoers who wanted to be able to carry guns for self-defense. He did this in 2014, as the Safe Carry Protection Act was being weighed by state lawmakers.

Loeffler responded to Warnock’s mockery of churchgoers defending themselves with guns via an exclusive comment to Breitbart News, wherein she said, “As a radical activist preacher, Raphael Warnock has called people who own guns ‘crazy,’ called for universal background checks, and laughed at the thought of law-abiding gun owners carrying their weapons on private property. That’s disgusting.”

Loeffler, unsurprisingly, has the NRA’s endorsement and likely the backing of any other pro-gun group you care to name. After all, better her than Warnock, a man who simply mocks what he does not understand.


In other words, Georgians like me who value our ability to defend ourselves.

Warnock seems to think that the only people who go to churches are those who show up to worship. Yet, as Cam pointed out when he addressed Warnock’s mockery,  Jack Wilson and Stephen Willeford are two men to shot those who showed up to church for more nefarious reasons.

Church shootings are a thing. While they’re not overly common, they’re common enough that they’re considered a sub-category of mass shootings. They happen far too often.

Let’s also not ignore that the so-called “Charleston Loophole” is named after a supposed loophole anti-gunners blame for permitting the gunman in a church shooting to get his firearm. I wonder, would Warnock have mocked one of those victims if they’d instead decided to carry a gun for protection?

The truth of the matter is that maniacs exist in this world. We don’t get to decide when and where they commit their atrocities, either. The bad guy always has the initiative. As a result, a wise man prepares for such eventualities to potentially take place anywhere. That includes a house of worship.


Yes, in a perfect world, such places would be immune to such horrors. However, in a perfect world, violent crime of any type wouldn’t exist, much less horrors like mass shootings.

Loeffler’s right to call out Warnock’s mockery. Frankly, as a Georgian, I’m downright insulted by the idea that I should be forbidden from being able to protect my family in church. It’s clear that Warnock’s ideas of how the world works bear no similarity to how it actually works.

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