Guns-For-Drug Operation Proves Futility Of Gun Control

Anti-gunners often are true believers when it comes to the idea that gun control makes people safer. In fact, many really do believe that if we repealed the Second Amendment and banned guns entirely, then we wouldn’t have any violent crime to speak of.


The technical name for people like this is “idiot,” of course.

Violent people don’t require a gun to be violent, of course. Further, if a total ban on a certain item meant that such an item simply couldn’t be obtained by anyone, then we wouldn’t have spent decades battling illegal drugs.

Hell, this guns-for-drug operation in Georgia should really blow their minds.

Authorities say they’ve uncovered an operation in Grady County in which drugs were being exchanged for stolen firearms out of a Cairo residence.

Drug agents with the Grady County Sheriff’s Office uncovered the illicit operation last week during an investigation into firearms being sold from a residence on 4th Avenue Southeast.

The investigation, which was conducted together with the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, began after authorities received complaints of shady transactions occurring at the residence.

An AR-15-style rifle valued at $2,000 was purchased at the residence during an undercover operation. The weapon was later determined to have been stolen during a Thomas County burglary along with two other firearms.

“The description of the firearm matched (the stolen rifle),” said Michael Logue, commander of the Grady County Sheriff’s Office Drug Unit, “and then when we actually made the purchase the serial numbers matched up,”

Investigators also learned that the weapons were being traded for methamphetamine.

So, stolen guns were used to “buy” illicit drugs from people.

In other words, absolutely nothing about this operation was legal. They were exchanging one illegal good for another illegal good. And yet, some would try to argue that if you did away with legal guns, you’d suddenly have no problem with guns.


The same guns that bought meth, which is also illegal as hell. In fact, unlike firearms, there is no legal ownership of meth by private citizens.

See, when there is a demand for a product, someone will meet that demand. For decades, criminals have been meeting the demand for drugs by either producing them locally or importing them from overseas. Despite a total ban, people have had absolutely no problem obtaining drugs.

Why would guns be any different?

First, there are too many guns in black market circulation right now for a ban to accomplish much of anything. Sure, those would be depleted with each arrest, but someone somewhere will see a need and move in to fill it. They’ll either bring them in from overseas, produce them domestically, or steal them from whoever is permitted to have them; even if that’s just the military and law enforcement.

You’re not going to stop criminals from being armed.

The best option available is to make it so the law-abiding citizens of this country can protect themselves from these threats. It’s well past time to stop trying to disarm these people and recognize the truth.

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