Man Arrested For Pointing Gun During Protest

A lot of people leave their firearms at home when they go to a protest, particularly in this day and age. Not everyone, mind you, but a lot of folks. They know that temper can flare, particularly if there are counter-protesters there, and that flaring tempers and firearms don’t always mix well.


Of course, we see a lot of people on the left that would do well to remember that, but the right isn’t immune to that brand of stupidity, either, apparently.

Olympia Police arrested a 27-year-old man and Trump rally participant on suspicion of first- and second-degree assault after he allegedly fired his gun at counter-protesters during a clash on Saturday.

Olympia police also received reports that a counter-protester may have been shot. Police are asking that the possible victim come forward so the appropriate charges can be made, according to a news release from the city of Olympia.

The 27-year-old man who was arrested was part of a pro-Trump rally Saturday afternoon on the Capitol Campus. They eventually clashed with black-clad counter-protesters at Capitol Way South and 11th Avenue Southeast.

The fight, according to police, involved up to 200 people armed with bats, bottles, rocks, chemical sprays and guns, and took place near The United Churches of Olympia. The church’s pastor was shoved in the altercation, and she posted about it Sunday on Facebook.

In fairness, while the man was charged, I’m not really sure this should be called “stupidity” by me. After all, if bats, bottles, and rocks were being used, it’s not difficult to imagine any number of scenarios where someone would feel justified in pulling a firearm, particularly after this year. As such, calling this “stupidity” is a tad premature, to say the least.

However, let’s also acknowledge that in this day and age, anyone on the right needs to be extremely careful in how they carry themselves. There are entire legions who go out of their way to ignore anything bad about the left but amplify any mistake made by the right. If this gun wasn’t drawn for a justified reason, they’ll have a field day with it.


Now, this will be a matter for the courts to determine. Let’s hope there’s enough evidence showing that this act was justified so the man in question can continue on with his life.

Going forward, this is the kind of story that people would do well to recall prior to attending a protest. No one wants to be under the spotlight, not for something like this. Make sure you understand the law and act in strict accordance with it, otherwise you’re likely to be the subject of a news story written by someone who isn’t the least bit sympathetic toward what you may have actually faced.

I’ll at least acknowledge that the man may have been justified. For a lot of people in the media, they simply won’t care. They’ll crucify him with every tool they have in the media arsenal. I wouldn’t wish that on much of anyone.

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