Pittsburgh's Peduto Joins Anti-"Ghost Gun" Bandwagon

The way Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto seems to frame it, his anti-gun push was because of what happened at the Tree of Life Synagogue a couple of years ago. After all, a mayor is supposed to do something after a mass shooting in his community, and so trying to ban so-called assault weapons in defiance of state law falls under the heading of “doing something.”


Yet Peduto’s implication is nothing but a lie.

After all, if it were really all about the Tree of Life shooting, he wouldn’t be jumping on the anti-ghost gun bandwagon right about now.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is throwing the City’s support behind a national, multi-city push to get the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to regulate what are called “ghost guns.”

“The cities lending their support for this litigation are not asking for anything unreasonable. Firearms regulations should be applied to all guns, including ghost guns,” said Peduto. “It’s unfair to those who comply with regulations- regulations that exist to protect the safety of our communities. We just ask that the ATF apply these rules to all gun sales.”

Actually, they are.

You see, there are guns and then there are things that aren’t guns. What Peduto and his fellow travelers are doing is trying to push the ATF to unilaterally declare certain non-firearms–things that can be easily turned into firearms–as guns. That’s despite any real evidence that this type of thing constitutes a legitimate threat.

We get media report after media report about how this is a “growing” threat, but these reports are remarkably short on specifics. When those specifics do pop up, it should how laughably minor the problem actually is.

Peduto, though, has been trying to couch his personal anti-gun jihad as being about a single incident. His support for this endeavor, one that has nothing to do with the Tree of Life shooting, betrays his true motivations. Peduto is precisely what most of us believed, an anti-gunner to the core. He just couldn’t do anything without a pretext and he got in in the mass shooting.


Now, he’s going to do everything he can to interfere with your right to keep and bear arms, regardless of where you live. It’s not enough to foul up the right to keep and bear arms for Pittsburgh residents. Oh no, Peduto has to try and mess with everyone else’s rights as well.

At the end of the day, Bill Peduto is just another politician who cares absolutely nothing about your constitutionally protected rights. He’d much rather pander to certain groups and leave the rest of us defenseless against the very same maniacs who he uses to justify his actions. He’s not about stopping shootings. He’s about making it impossible for ordinary citizens to push back against the horrors.

Now that the genie is out of the bottle, I’d be surprised to see him oppose any gun control measure you care to name. Even confiscation, though I doubt he’d outright admit his fondness for such a thing.

Don’t worry, Bill. You can admit you want them all. We already know.

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