Anti-Gunners Blasts NRA Over Joke

Within any community, there are bound to be some jokes shared by those within the community. Those in-jokes help people feel like they’re part of the community. Even if the jokes aren’t particularly funny, they’re still shared on some level by the community. Even those who don’t agree with the jokes at least understand them.


Yet for those outside of the community, well…they don’t always look like jokes.

Sometimes, though, some folks want to go out of their way to take a joke out of context. That’s what some folks did with a joke shared by the National Rifle Association.

The National Rifle Association has urged Americans to wraps guns for under the tree this Christmas.

The gun rights advocacy group posted a picture of a sparkling handgun in a festive gift box to its Twitter account.

And it gave its 895,000 followers a seemingly tongue-in-cheek “pro-tip” on how to get a weapon this Christmas if their husband, wife or partner is against the idea.

“Buy the gun you want. Wrap it and mark it from Santa. Your spouse will have to along with it or they’ll ruin Christmas for the kids,” they tweeted.

Social media users were quick to attack the group for the advert.

“Can you find *one* reputable gun safety expert who thinks a box with a handgun and some loose bullets in a gift-wrapped box under the Christmas tree, placed amongst gifts that are presumably toys for Santa-believing aged children, is responsible gun ownership? Just one?” tweeted a user called WellRegulatedMilitia.

It looks like some people need to ask Santa for a sense of humor. Theirs’ is obviously either missing or broken.

First, people don’t open other people’s Christmas presents as a general rule. As such, Junior wouldn’t be likely to open Mom or Dad’s presents. If one of them bought a firearm and wrapped it as “from Santa,” they’re not going to let Junior open it.


I mean, for crying out loud.

One of the in-jokes within the firearm community is about having to overcome spousal resistance to purchase firearms. It’s a long-running gag with some gun stores supposedly offering you a second receipt that says the gun costs what you told your wife it cost rather than what actually cost. It’s a joke.

This is just a Christmas variation on that gag. I mean, anyone with half a brain knows that all it would do, at most, is keep your spouse from saying anything in front of the kids. Behind closed doors, though, all bets are off.

Honestly, anyone with half a brain knows it’s a joke.

For the humorless scolds out there, people who like guns aren’t allowed to joke about anything, ever. I’m pretty sure the memes about losing guns in boating accidents would cause them to stroke out.

Like they always say, f*** ’em if they can’t take a joke. Of course, based on what I’ve seen of this crowd, there’s not nearly enough alcohol on the planet to make me do that.

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