Recent Arrest Proves Canadian Gun Laws A Bust

Recent Arrest Proves Canadian Gun Laws A Bust

Anti-gunners continually claim that gun laws like those in Canada work wonderfully well. All of our issues with crime here would be solved if we just adopted laws like our neighbors north of the border. Nevermind that while there are close similarities between the two nations, there are also profound cultural differences.


For one, Canadians are stereotypically nice, for example, while Americans…aren’t.

I’m OK with that, but that “nice” factor means Canadians are more likely to go along to get along, which means they’re less likely to be involved in violent crime.

But even then, there are those who will ignore the laws of the land and do their own thing, and do gun laws stop them? Not so much, really.

A weekend search of a London residence has prompted weapons and drug charges for four people.

Among the items seized were:

  •  15 grams of suspected fentanyl valued at $6,000
  •  automatic rifle and a magazine
  •  loaded 12-gauge shotgun
  •  eight 12-gauge shotgun rounds
  •  29 rounds of 7.62 x 39 mm ammunition
  •  two 9mm rounds
  •  cellular phone
  •  $250 in cash
  •  digital scale

For the most part, this bust is…well…a bust. A whopping $250 in cash? I’ve walked around with more than that in my wallet. And don’t get me started on the ammo. Honestly, while there’s an ammo shortage, 29 rounds of 7.62×39, 8 12-gauge shells, and a grand total of two 9mm rounds aren’t even enough for a modest range trip.

Yet it’s the “automatic rifle” that tickles me.

See, I have to believe in this day and age, if it were semi-auto, they’d say semi-auto. That means there’s a good chance the rifle is full-auto, a vz 58 by the looks of it. That’s something most of us here in the U.S. can’t get our hands on legally, so don’t look at us for this one.

More importantly, though, is the fact that all the gun laws in Canada were insufficient to prevent these people from getting this weapon, even if it turns out to be semi-auto. None of them did a damn thing to prevent this.


That’s the problem with gun laws in general. While they restrict the actions of the law-abiding, they do absolutely nothing to stop the criminals. They get the guns, then the law-abiding have no means to resist.

In this case, limited ammunition did more to protect the law-abiding than the gun laws themselves. With so few rounds, there is only so much a bad guy can do under the circumstances.

Meanwhile, there aren’t piles of laws blocking the purchasing of ammunition in Canada. That didn’t really make much of a play here, so far as I can tell.

Look, I get that people who believe gun laws are the answer will look at Canada’s crime rate and their gun laws and figure 2+2=4, but what they’re not seeing is that one of those 2s is really a 3. The two don’t have as much to do with one another as people would like to believe.

Of course, convincing anti-gunners of that would probably be harder than teaching my cat to act as my butler.

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