David Hogg Beclowns Himself Advocating For Stupid Policy

David Hogg Beclowns Himself Advocating For Stupid Policy

David Hogg has never really covered himself in glory. Oh, if you agree with him, you think he’s great. Then again, you’re also probably part of the small segment of society that actually believes those stories about five-year-old kids supposedly asking supposedly poignant and inciteful questions about various policies.

See, all Hogg did was go to a high school where something bad happened. He turned that into a career advocating for gun control, even though he really didn’t understand the subject in the least.

Now, he’s still going at it, but yesterday, he decided to push for something that took the stupid so far beyond his usual brand, I had to say something.

Yes, he actually wrote that crap. It’s a wonder he’s capable of mastering human speech.

See, in David’s world, people go to gun stores and obtain a firearm through legal means simply to commit crimes. Yes, there are a select few people who do just that. They represent a tiny slice of those who commit violent crimes with firearms each and every year.

Most of those injured or killed in violent firearm-related crimes are hurt with guns obtained through illegal means–either through stealing a firearm from a law-abiding citizen or off the black market.

I assure you, no one buying a gun on the black market is going to get insurance.

Now, I can see the desire to have some mechanism for the victims of violent crimes to not be saddled with the expenses that arise from medical treatment for their injuries. I get it.

The problem is, ideas like this–and Hogg isn’t the first to talk about this–is that it’s predicated on an idea that law-abiding citizens aren’t really law-abiding. For something like this to have any impact, the good guys with guns would really have to be bad guys and be shooting up the place. That’s simply not what’s happening and any realistic look at the data can tell you that.

But for people like Hogg and his anti-gun buddies, it’s about what it’s always about. It’s about making things more difficult for the law-abiding citizen.

It’s funny, though. David Hogg also tweets a lot of other progressive politics, suggesting that he’s all kinds of worried about poor people. What he doesn’t get is that this very policy would have a deeper impact on poor Americans living in more crime-ridden neighborhoods. They may not be able to afford to move, but they can afford a shotgun or a cheap handgun.

Yet by requiring insurance, these income disadvantaged gun owners would now have to factor in insurance costs into purchasing a gun, leaving many of them disarmed in the face of numerous criminals.

In other words, David and his crowd love poor people just so long as they know their place.

Honestly, ideas like these aren’t remotely serious. Sure, those who espouse them think they’re serious, but they’re not.

All they are is another way for anti-gunners to try and punish gun owners for the unforgivable sin of having a firearm.