Biden Early Contender For Gun Salesman Of The Year

President Joe Biden is easily the most anti-gun president we’ve ever had. Sure, Clinton didn’t like guns and passed the assault weapon ban and Obama was clearly no fan of the Second Amendment, absolutely no Democrat has campaigned on as much gun control as Biden did and won, at least not that I can think of.

With Democratic control of Congress, no one who values the Second Amendment should be fond of the Biden administration being in office. That includes the gun companies.

That doesn’t mean they’re unlikely to make serious money for the time being, though.

Biden’s radical gun control agenda is yet another example of leftist politicians overreaching in a way that achieves the opposite of what they wanted. Gun sales rose drastically in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic and it appears they are not slowing down in 2021. But it seems that the reasons for the high rate of gun purchases are somewhat different, and supporters of the 2nd Amendment will have the Biden administration to thank for it.

The Hill reported that “gun sales are on the rise across the U.S. with some experts predicting that gun reform policies championed by the Biden administration as well as the continuing uncertainty around the pandemic will keep gun sales high in 2021.”

Last year, a record number of background checks were performed, according to the FBI. Over 39.6 million were performed for firearms in 2020. (See: 2020 Has Seen the Largest Surge of Gun Ownership In History)

The drastic increase was attributed to fears related to the coronavirus outbreak and civil unrest that took place over the summer. However, in 2021, other concerns seem to be spurring the heightened gun sales.

“Official data from the FBI on the number of background checks conducted in January is expected in the beginning of February,” according to The Hill. Mark Oliva, communications director for The National Shooting Sports Foundation, indicated that the high rate of gun sales is likely to persist.

“There’s every indication that it’s not going to slow down anytime soon,” Oliva said. “I think if you walk into any retailer right now, you’re going to see that gun case and that gun shelf is still pretty sparsely populated. That tells me that there’s still an unmet demand.”

There was an ongoing joke during the Obama years that the president was the gun salesman of the month pretty much every month he was in office. That was without other concerns like riots, pandemics, and potential economic collapse hovering in the wings.

However, for all his ill, Obama didn’t campaign on gun control. Oh, we all knew he was in favor of it, but he knew it wouldn’t pass, so he really didn’t pursue it as vigorously as he might have preferred.

But Biden did campaign on it, at least during the primaries–it was suspiciously absent during the general election, particularly during the debates–and has said it’s one of his top priorities, though he hasn’t flexed that particular executive order muscle just yet.

Regulations, however, are likely to come sooner or later. No one can be completely sure what will pass and what won’t, though it’s a safe better that many of Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee’s proposals are dead on arrival, others may still make it through.

As a result, gun sales are going to increase as much as supply will allow, and that’s really the only sticking point right now. People can’t buy guns that simply aren’t there, and many report their local gun stores being devoid of firearms and ammunition. If supplies are somehow increased–I think it’s now a safe point to step up production for all parties–I suspect we’ll start to see purchases increase as well.

No one should take this to mean that Joe Biden is great for the firearms industry as a whole. Instead, let’s recognize him as the existential threat that he is. He’s just going to sell a lot of guns before he can really do much to hurt them in the longer term.